Friday, September 25, 2009

South Central Predictions...the Muthas Kill All

South Central Tournament prediction right here: Texas wins everything. Everyone fucking dies. All are annihilated. All are obliterated. The end.

And the Warriors are a strong second. But they too will die. Like I said, everyone fucking DIES. All are torched. And I have to say that KC have been better than I expected during what was supposed to be a rebuilding phase of sorts. But I will be the first to admit...they really are an exceptional team. Too bad they are in the same Regional as the Original Muthas tho. Yeah...cause like I said. Skulls and crossbones.

Who can possibly take on TX in this Tournament?? WHO? No one. Absolutely no one. But the Warriors will be a fun team to watch at any rate. And for those more masochistic any bout that features Texas. All will die. The Muthas will destroy everyone. All shall writhe in agony before them.


  1. Any predictions on the west? and where were you before the east?

    The Original CTRGGRDonald
    Pray for Detroit.

  2. I'll be posting my predictions for the Western Regionals this week. My modem died the week of the Easterns so I was unable to post my predictions. Not having internet access really sucks!!

  3. Havent seen you in a while man! Glad to see the blog is still rockin and a rollin!! Did u see the webcast of the regionals? (guess thats like asking a blocker if she wishes she could hit blazing ace. hehehe)
    - Josiah

  4. Josiah!! Hell yeah...watched as much as time would allow...Windy is ridiculous.