Thursday, September 17, 2009

North Central Bout Predictions! The Brawl of America!!

Hey...I know I've been fairly absent lately but its been a very ummmm..."interesting" summer. And I mean "interesting" as in the Chinese curse. Ya "may you have an interesting" life". Uhhhh huh. SUUUURE. Uh, I gotta better idea...howzabout YOU have an "interesting" life. No more drama please...thank you. This summer had some high points too tho. Dont know why I'm always so compelled to rate my year according to how the summer went. At any rate, on to the predictions. The first 4 games:

1. #32 Beer City v # 26 NStars

I make no apologies...I'm a heartfelt fan of those skaters that hail from the land of the Brew. So it could just be my heart overwhelming my brain but I dont think so. I honestly believe that the Brewskis are gonna take this one. They have matured and play a more disciplined game than last year. This team has talent and theyve played some tuff teams the past couple of seasons. Now, dont get me wrong...I like Northstar...really. I hafta admit that I'm still a bit surpised with how good NStar really is.Who knew?? Well we all know now. Those NStar skaters have skill. Having said that I would also have to look at the fact that the Brewskis are more "battle tested". And ultimately I think that may prove the difference for Beer City. And I love Jammer Rejected Seoul...when shes on-shes ON.

2. #34 G Rag v #36 the Burns

I have been bragging on those Cleveland rollergirls for a while now and I like the direction that they have gone over the past year. For one thing, they really have a "fight to the end" attitude and a lot of desire. You would THINK that I would pick the Burns in this match up wouldn't you?? I cant quite explain it but I just have this gut instinct telling me that the skaters of Grand Rapids are gonna win this one somehow. I WANT to pick the Burns. I do. But for whatever reason I just dont "feel" it. BRRG fans can kick me in the shins if I'm wrong. But...uhhh...just one at a time okay? That shit kinda hurts. I really thought that this was gonna be a rebuilding year of sorts for the Grand Raggidy rollergirls. But their progress has been quick and they've surprised me with how solid they are.

3. #25 the Minnies v #2 the Crushers

The Crushers. WCR. Chi-town. Windy f'n CITY. They are mighty and they are strong. And they will make quick work in this one. And thats no insult to the Minnesota skaters...really. I dont think that theres more than 4 teams in the world that can beat Windy. Seriously. So dont feel bad Minnies...the Crushers are BRUTAL. They have everything. Speed, power, tuffness, smarts...ya know, the total package. The real shit. I will also say right now that the Windy Girls will win this whole tournament. Ya know that I would LOVE to pick an upset and be all bold, but I'm pickin THIS favorite. Cause I'm not stupid. Ya bet to win. And WCR have IT.

4. #18 the Archies (*swoon*) v #15 Tricky Cincy

Its all come to this in a way for the Archies.The past 2 years that is. They are the Tournament. How awesome is that? You cant find a more likeable team in Derby than Arch Rivals. You can find teams AS likeable but none MORE. St L has a very charismatic team and have improved steadily over the past year. And ya know what? I have no problem picking the Archies in this one. Of course you also know that this will be a tooth and nail battle the whole way. Trips to the Sin Bin could spell all the difference in this one. I expect a very close bout to the end and Cincy DOES have much more experience. And they DO have the intense and ultra-competitive Sadistic Sadie. What a freakin player she is too. So much talent. But if the Archies contain her?? What then? That must be goal #1 for ARRG. CONTAIN SADIE. Yer not gonna stop her, I can tell ya that! a close one. Win it for Chokehold Chanel...#5!! You will always RULE Chanel. Best of luck to you!

I'll actually try to update as the Tournament proceeds, really I will. No...really, I will. Ya know, if "interesting" shit doesnt happen. If life doesnt kick me in the junk. Cause if I've realized anything this summer its that you really never know how sideways life can go. And then sideways again shortly after. And in the end...ya just gotta laugh. Thats what I do.


  1. Sadly North Star didn't win yesterday, as while I didn't think they were going to Philly, I think people were rooting for them.

    The Original Donald
    RIP Moxie Mayhem

  2. Yeah...NStar has a very cool team. They will be a real threat next season and I would advise any team that takes them on to on top of their game cuz those NStar skaters are for real.