Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Memphis v Naptown Bout Preview !!

Yeah yeah...its been awhile Rollerheads...too long a while. But its time to get Derby Crazy again and I'm really looking forward to this Saturdays Memphis v NRG bout. Memphis hail from the crowded 17 team South Central Region and they've been a WFTDA member since Halloween 2008. They are currently ranked by FTS at #28 and have a 2009/10 record of 6-4. Their 2 in-state rivals are Hard Knox and Nashville. The Memphis squad was born 4 yrs ago almost to the day. Theyve had a few impressive victories over such teams as the Killbillies, H Knox, the Greenies and Dixie. When faced w upper level, established teams theyve proven to be gamers but still not quite up to the skill level of the ATL and Nash. At this point getting into the S Central Regionals has to be the goal and they do have a solid defense.

The 2 Jammers of concern to the Nap skaters are 'Lil Cinner and Irene Business. If NRG contains those 2 Jammers and can consistently provide support for their wealth of Jammers then I do think that the Red n Black will win this bout. Lets face it...Jammer depth has NOT been a problem for Zaptown this season thus far (even with the loss of Ace *weep!*) and theres no reason to believe that scoring points is gonna be a major concern. There's also the fact that NRG have been going up against major league teams for a season longer than Memphis' Angels of Death and Nap's level of competition seems a bit tuffer than the Angels. The one glaring bout that stands out for me in the Angels history took place at last years Southern Fried Smackdown Tournament. Memphis went 1-3 and got taken out to the 'ole proverbial woodshed by Tampa Bay. The Southern Angels went down to the Bay by 124 points!! (229-105). I have to admit I was a bit taken aback by that score but on the other hand T Bay ARE an under-rated, over-looked team. Tampa is tuffer than most Derbyholics know. Still... -124?? Against the Bay?? Hmmmmm.

The solid S Angels defense is anchored by Blocker Cat Claus. The Jammers I expect we'll see are the aforementioned Cinner and Irene, Smokin, Jill Em All and the talented up n comer Rolls Royce. The last bout for Memphis took place a few weeks ago on Jan 23rd against NWA where they emerged victorious over the Killbillies by 44 points.

With our beloved Naptown girls currently ranked #23 by FTS this undefeated season has REALLY moved NRG up in the rankings and things have looked fantastic thus far. At this point missing the North Central Regionals would be an unmitigated DISASTER !! Lets hope that doesnt happen...

With the somewhat top-heavy S Central Region being dominated by the Original Muthas and the Warriors the Memphis squad has their work cut out for them but they've proven to be a competitive team with some fairly intimidating Blockers providing consistent defense. This should be a very entertaining bout and a serious test for the Southern Angels.

The likely Roster for Memphis:

1 on 1 Instant Karmen
9 to 5 Irene Business
8HER Black n Blue
23 Chica Bandita
24 Li'l Cinner
74 Bad Juju
79 Cat Claus
213 Ragin' Caucasian
9mm Demi Automatic
911 Brooken Bones
1134 Bloody Elle
1975 La Sucia
28 Tenacious B
821 Lena Deadtrick
*BTW...thats Jammer Rolls Royce in the pic above. See you Napheads this Saturday !!