Sunday, September 6, 2009

Naptowns 2009-10 Schedule...a Few Thoughts

Naptown has just released their schedule for the upcoming season and I'm both excited and disappointed. I'm gonna run thru the whole Home season real hang on:

1- Nap v the Hearts

I actually was privy to this match up a few months ago when I heard that the bout was a go at the Bleeding Heartland v Hard Knox game in Bloomington. I've been DYING to see these 2 teams play and the time is right to start up a new rivalry that could potentially match the intensity of NRG v F Dubb or Tricky Cincy. The Hearts are ranked #66/FTS because of low participation. B'ton IS a WFTDA team now and they have an amazing Jammer named KaKa Caliente who totally impressed me both times I've seen her play. She has "it"...that fire and skill that seperates the merely good from the great. It will be interesting to see how she fares against tuffer competition. Currently the Hearts are 1-1 overall with a win against Hard Knox and a loss against G Rag. HK are ranked at #53, so that was a real nice win for them a few months ago. This is gonna be a cant miss bout and I'm real excited to see that these 2 teams are finally gonna get it on. Oh and I gotta mention another very nice Jammer for the Hearts named Bad Mudda Trucka. When I last saw her she was injured but I would think that she'll be ready to go for the Nap bout.

2- Nap v the Burns

First thing I'm gonna say about this bout is that Burning River has come a very very long way since we last saw them getting beaten handily by Naptown here in Indy. And I know their overall record is an unimpressive 3-9 but dont be fooled. The Burns have a very good team and they have gotten progressively better over the past 1-1/2 years. They defeated F Dubb along the way 78-70 but FW got even a few months later. I'm sure that the Cleveland skaters are gonna give Race City all they can handle in this bout and its gonna be much more competitive than the last time they met. Some names you may remember from the Burns roster: Milfinator (if she rejoins the travel team), Ivanna Destroya, Rogue Cheddar and Coco Sparx.

3- Nap v the Derbies

You all know that I'll be supporting our Homegirls and all but I hafta admit that I'm a Derby City fan. They just have a real likeable team and thats important to me. I finally got a chance to see the Derbies play last year when they took on the Hearts in Bloomington. Even tho they lost, largely because of a questionable call, the Derby C skaters were a blast at the afterparty and I can still see some of them leaping up on stage and dancing with hula hoops and laughing. I have no idea what Louisvilles record is but they've played mostly "Division 2" level teams. The Naptown girls should win this one from experience alone but you can bet yer ass that we'll all have a blast at the afterparty!! The Derbies are just cool.

4- Nap v Memphis

Ya know how I was saying that the Burns had a somewhat deceptive record? Well so does Memphis, the opposite way. Memphis' record overall is 5-2 but they lost against the only 2 serious teams that they've faced...Nash and the ATL. They'll be taking a BIG step up when the face off against Indy so it will be interesting to see how this one goes. Yeah...I know that Memphis is ranked #27 and Nap is at #39 right now but the NRG girls have been waaaay more battle tested against major teams. Memphis?? Uhhhh...not as much. So much for rankings eh?

5- Nap v the Sioux

Oh yes...the Fighting Sioux. Sioux Falls have a very nice team and I was suitably impressed when I got the chance to see them in action at the last Fall Brawl. They are largely unnoticed but everyone better be ready for a real nail-biter when this bout goes down. The Sioux will lay it all on the line and play with a lot of energy and spirit.They are ranked #41 with a record of 2-2. They BARELY lost to Ohio 88-85 and that one really could have gone SF's way. Win or lose, I'm quite sure that the NapFans will find themselves impressed with this under-rated team from the Dakotas.

6- Nap v OH

Yeah...someday a clever nick will emerge for those Ohio skaters but not today. Ohio is 8-16 and ranked #36 but did ya know that they have gone 6-1 this summer? Oh my. Ohio have found themselves and are finally rising up in the rankings and have been very determined lately. You all remember this team from last season when they JUST did win against Race City. Remember Drrty Girl,Phoenix Bunz and Chewblocka? And I better see Kitty Liqourbottom on the roster this time or some heads are gonna roll!! Shes so cool. Hopefully we'll get to see Jaden Blayze too. Ohio has a team that ranks very high on the likeability scale and thats always good. So expect a dynamite afterparty regardless of who emerges victorious. And that Ohio Coach is awesome too. Intense.

I was so excited to see Bloomington on the Home schedule. And up and coming teams like the Sioux and the Burns. But no Cincy? No F Dubb? Wheres that fiery rivalry bout? And from a purely personal perspective it would have been awesome to see one of my faves like Beer City or the Archies. Or how about a BIG step up? Ya know...Deeeetroit. Madolls or G Rag? I know that schedules can be very tricky...timing, opportunity and scheduling conflicts all play a part. As well as a bit of politics. At any rate, the schedule is set and it should be a very entertaining season as the NRG skaters debut their new home...the Pepsi Coliseum. I hope that it doesnt seem too cavernous in there and that the sense of intimacy and comeraderie isnt affected. However it was just time to take another step up and see if this loud and spirited Naptown crowd can grow....I can understand that. It should still be as nice and bright as the Toyota Pavilion (photographers rejoice!!). Get ready NapFans...NRG4LIFE!


  1. Glad to see you back in action! Gotta agree, I'm glad to see us playing Burning Heartland, bringing in Derby City, and having a rematch with Ohio. I've already plunked down for our season tickets, but am a little curious how the seating is going to work out at Pepsi Coliseum. Will there be suicide seating? Where will the prime seating be, otherwise? Will the venue be too big, at least initially? Should be interesting!

  2. I've got a nick for Ohio....THE LUCKEYES!

    The Original GGRDOnald
    Gotham v Philly...BEST....BOUT....EVAH!!!!