Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The International Roller Derby scene is growing at a lightning pace and I've been quite fascinated by the International Derby scene over the past year. As a result I will be offering profiles of foreign leagues and skaters in addition to my usual ramblings. I've looked around and personally I haven't seen ANY other blogs that focus on the International scene and so it is my hope that I can draw some American interest in this incredible Roller Derby phenomenon. The language barrier does hamper my gathering of info on foreign leagues but ya know...I do what I can. Of course there will continue to be some posts on the American Derby scene and an occasional foray into Banked Track stuff too. Cuz...ya know...Banked Track KICKS ASS.

With the first ever upcoming World Cup of Roller Derby coming soon to Toronto, Canada there needs to be focus on the International game SOMEWHERE...so why not here?? I also intend to post profiles on every international team that will be attending the World Cup! And look for an article on the Columbian Roller Derby scene. Roller Derby in Columbia is undergoing tremendous growth with teams in Medellin and Bogota. Best thing to come outta Columbia since Shakira!!

It's gonna be awesome! And yes yes...I know I've been absent for well over a year and a half. I've had a lot of crazy shit thats happened over that year and a half and perhaps at some point I'll go deeper into all that. But for now just grab a brewski and kick back. Maybe throw on some Ramones. This should be a fun ride.

*****Picture above features Roller Derby Costa Rica!! Cool!! 8)