Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brawl of America- Day 3...This is IT!

Now THATS more like it. 4-1. Yeahhhh...I like the sound of that...4-1. And, true to form, I gave the Madolls my blessing when I picked Deeetroit to topple them. You can all thank me later with a couple of shots of ice cold Jaeger Madison. I'm a cheap fix! Yeah, the good ole Madolls...ALWAYS goin opposite my pick. Some things never change. Before we get to Day 3's picks can I just go off on a tangent for a moment? Sacred City??? HELLO?? Are you even there?? WTF was THAT last night against Denver?? Are you kidding me? Are my eyes deceiving me? Cuz there is NO WAY you all went down to Denver 309-19 right?? I'm here rubbin my eyes in total disbelief. Yer SAC CITY!! Come on!! 309-19?? Gee...guess I woulda lost the over-under on THAT one! What the livin hell is going on in Sacramento these days? Look-DEN is good, I get that. But they're not THAT good.

Oh well...onto todays sure fire cant miss picks:

1. G Rag v the Minnies

G Rag has been something of a disappointment and something of a mystery. Can I just ask what has happened to this team?? They aren't this mediocre...they're NOT. But ya know the old are what yer record SAYS you are. And the skaters of Grand Raggidy?? Well....hmmmm. Theirs gotta be something goin on there that I'm not aware of because they are a much better team than they've shown lately. I am aware that injuries have played a part. At any rate its a safe bet to go all out on the Minnies in this one and they'll be out to impress their Homies in this final bout of the Tournament for them.

2. NStar v the Mighty Archies

This may well prove to be the closest, most exciting game of the day. And I think by now we've all seen how good those Northstar girls really are. I'm impressed-you're impressed. But today they will go down to the Mighty Archies. The Archies are just a bit more battle-tested than NStar and have a bit more experience under pressure. Yep...Archies will win a tight one. And dont be surprised if by this time next year the Arch Rival skaters are in the National Tournament. Oh...and Chanel? You kick ASS.

3. Tricky Cincy v Deeetroit

Well, I went off a bit on Sac City already so what the hell...I'll ask the question. Why isnt Deeetroit performing better this season? They're slide began last year but I really believe that Car City has a much better team than we've seen thus far. I'm totally serious...they are BETTER than this! Whats the reason for their recent decline? Deeetroit should always be at least a Top 10 team. I mean, they have one of the greatest Jammers in all of Derbydom...Racer McChaser. That Jammergirl is ridiculous. Awesome skillz!! LOVE her game. But she cant do it all by herself Deeetroit. I'm going with the Sadies in this one. oops...did I just say the "Sadies"?? I MEANT to say Tricky Cincy...really I did. Promise.

4. the Madolls v the CRUSHERS

Its all over. Its all been decided, before this Tournament even began. Windy kills all in their path with fierceness and mad talent. The Crushers will dominate. The Madolls will look promising early but its only a matter of time until they begin to get worn down by the crushing force of Windy. Their willpower will wither by the 2nd half and it will all be over. Cuz the Crushers only have 4 opponents in al the land to fear: the Goths, the Original Muthas, the Cheesesteaks and the Lucky Charms. For real. And I dont believe they're too damn frightened of those 4 teams really. WCR= North Central Champs!

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