Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aaahhh yes...WFTDA Ruleset 4.0

In case you've been in a coma WFTDA has released Ruleset 4.0 and its excellent. Really. I am not being a sarcastic 'ole cuss. I really do LIKE the changes. Thankfully tweaks to the cutting the track rule and the Jammerless Jam rule have finally happened. I posted a few comments on the DNN site and thought that I would re-post them here cause I'm a lazy sod. Here ya go:

The new Ruleset is the best one yet and makes a few critical changes that will undoubtably improve game flow but I just gotta ask...who the hell is taking out their mouthguard DURING a Jam?? Dont think that I've ever seen a skater remove any protective gear DURING a Jam. Who is the glutton for punishment that is doing this?? Soooo...uhhhh...okay. ???

So just let me say that the next time I catch any Rollergirl throwing her mouthguard across the track and whipping off her helmet and hurling it at an errant Ref I assure you that I will give her a good talking to. A very surprised and stuttering good talking to. ;)

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Time to vent. I DESPISE the

Time to vent.

I DESPISE the two 30 minute halves that have become the WFTDA standard. I have always felt that it was waaaay better to have three 20 minute periods. The skaters get crucial rest, the crowd gets an extra bathroom/beer fetch break and it has always seemed so much better for bout-flow. And the hardcore folks crossing their legs in the suicides get to stand up and stretch their legs. Thats somewhat important to those of us who arent in their 20's but insist on parking in the suicides anyway...'cause we're HARDCORE old bastards 'kay?? And I dont think that this is a minor quibble. Bring back the three 20 minute periods in WFTDA Ruleset 4.1!!! Does anyone out there other than me feel this way??

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Heres one rule that REALLY

Heres one rule that REALLY has me pissed!! "Non-form fitting face shields such as hockey style full face shields, half face shields or face cages are strictly prohibited."

What??!! I, for one, long for the days when Rollergirls could kick total ass with their Patrick Roy mask on. What a freakin' BUMMER! And what about all those skaters that have adopted those ultra-stylish Jason masks??! What...they cant wear them anymore? Total BS unadulterated BS! What about Batgirl masks?? I guess thats a no go now too. Sheeeeesh. Leave it to WFTDA to take ALL the fun outta Derby.

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And here's another rule ya

And here's another rule ya may have missed while discussing and debating the more relaxed "cutting the track" tweak: The Head Referee may call a forfeit for the following reasons: [] A team has five or fewer un-injured rostered skaters remaining due to expulsions. [] A team refuses to field skaters on the track to continue play.

Uhhhh...I got news for ya- If you have "5 or less un-injured" skaters left than HELL freakin' YES forfiet the hell outta that mutha!! If yer down to 5 skaters, or Derby Goddess forbid, LESS than 5 then you need to getcher asses on out to the Afterparty, get yer buzz on and lick yer wounds. Frankly I dont believe that I have ever actually SEEN a team still trying to girl up and press on with 5 or fewer skaters but ya know...I didnt make it out to that awesome Northeastern Iowa Barnstormin Rollergirls vs Gotham Girls bout so ya know...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UK Roller Derby Blows Up!!

Roller Derby in England and Scotland has caught on in a BIG way and with teams now in Germany and Sweden the European Derby scene is incredibly exciting. As you can see by the list above England now has 11 active teams! Unreal. I have heard that there may be a European Tournament in the near future and that could only help build the exciting scene across the pond. Derby fanbases are starting to build steadily and it is my hope that one day soon we will see a WFTDA- Europe. The Derby scene in New Zealand and Australia has also taken off and so the internationalism of the greatest womens sport in the world is assured. And make no mistake-Roller Derby IS the greatest womens sport in the WORLD and the rest of the world has really caught on. Name one other womens sport that has grown as exponentially as Roller Derby...ya cant! There are some good womens sports out there, Tennis, Gymnastics. Figure Skating and even Motor Sports but not one of them has the excitement and intrigue that both Banked track and Flat track Derby has. Theres a REASON why Roller Derby has taken off like it has...its a contact sport for Women but its still somehow feminine and sexy. Its fast but not TOO fast. Its punk, its metal, its alternative. Its AWESOME!! And all of us, fans and skaters alike, owe a large debt to the Original Muthas...TXRG and the Banked track Rollergirls of TXRD. They were the accidental visionaries that gave birth to the incredible sport of Modern Roller Derby. In my opinion, with all due respect to the Old Style Derby. Modern Roller Derby is far superior. Its a real sport for real athletes. Its a game of skill, speed, tactics, power and skating talent with nary a "fix" in sight. And I say that as an avowed fan of the "Demon of the Derby" Ann Calvello. I adore the Modern game and its plain to see that a whole lot of other people do too. So today, raise a cold glass of the frothy stuff to the Derby Goddess and look upon what she has created: The greatest womens sport in the WORLD!

Midwestern Roller Derby Rules!!

Akron, Ohio|Akron/Canton, Ohio|Canton, OH - NEO Rock'n'Rollergirls
Bloomington, IN - Bleeding Heartland RollerGirls
Cape Girardeau, MO - SEMO Rollergirls
Chicago|Chicago, IL - Windy City Rollers
Chicago|Chicago, IL - The Chicago Outfit
Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnati Rollergirls
Cleveland, OH - Burning River Roller Girls
Columbia, MO - Destruction Junction Derby Dames
Columbus, OH - Ohio Rollergirls
Council Bluffs, IA - Rolling Thunder Derby Dames
Covington, Kentucky|Covington, KY - Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Dayton, OH - Gem City Rollergirls
Detroit, MI - Detroit Derby Girls
Evansville, IN - Demolition City Roller Derby
Evansville, IN - Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Fort Wayne, IN - Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Grand Rapids, MI - Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Indianapolis, IN - Naptown Roller Girls
Joplin, MO - Southwest Missouri RollerGirls
Joplin, MO - Mo-Kan Roller Girlz
Kansas City, MO - Kansas City Roller Warriors
Lexington, Kentucky|Lexington, KY - Rollergirls Of Central Kentucky
Lincoln, NE - No Coast Derby Girls
Louisville, Kentucky|Louisville, KY - Derby City Rollergirls
Madison, WI - Mad Rollin' Dolls
Milwaukee, WI - Brewcity Bruisers
Minneapolis-St. Paul|Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - Minnesota RollerGirls
Minneapolis-St. Paul|Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - North Star Roller Girls
Newport, Kentucky|Newport, KY - Riverside Rollergirls
Northern IL & Southern WI - Stateline Roller Derby Divas
Omaha, NE - Omaha Rollergirls
Paducah, Kentucky|Paducah, KY - Melt-Down Town Derby Dames
Rockford, IL - Rockford Rage Roller Derby
Sioux Falls, SD - Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Springfield, MO - Springfield Rollergirls
St. Louis, MO - Arch Rival Rollergirls
Union, MO - Wichita, KS - Wichita/ICT Roller Girls

* Thought some of you might enjoy checking out these links! I love Derby EVERYWHERE, but Midwestern Derby holds a special place in my heart. Support these leagues!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Circle City Socialites v Demolition City Recap

Last Saturday night found Indy's own Socialites battling Evansvilles Demolition City B-Team at Ellenberger Rink. When I first arrived I saw Diane Beatin, DJ Sarah and Mother Russia. Some other familiar faces included Psychedelic Sandy and Announcer Peyton Slamming. When I saw the beautiful Meana Garcia I was a bit surprised to find out that she wouldnt be skating, so that was a bit disappointing. A small but very enthusiastic crowd enjoyed a very fun night of Roller Derby action. CCS jumped out to an early lead with the illustrious Fly Jamming like her usual quick and spritely self. That Rollergirl is fast! I love watching Fly Jam, she's incredibly skilled on her Reidells and gets the crowd cheering every time out. The BIG surprise though was the debut of Poker Face. What a talent!! To say that I was stunned by her abilities would be a vast understatement. Apparently only with the Socialites for several weeks, with no Derby experience at all, she was amazing. Speed, power, balance, moves, anticipation of blocks, everything you could want to see in a rookie Jammer was there in abundance. Where in the hell is this skater from??! Well...she is a Rink Rat and was in skates before she could WALK. Literally. Another former speed skater, Poker Face is the real deal. I cant wait to see how she develops. It was obvious that she was a little nervous early on but success lead to confidence and the crowd instantly fell in love with her. Her parents were speed skaters and so the good genetics are there too. Poker are GREAT! With Fly and Poker Face on board for CCS the Jammer pool is being shored up quickly. Apparently Poker is a friend of NRG's Power Jamming Shadi "the Superhero" Layne.

Megan Enemies was totally solid and reliable at Pivot, her natural position. She's a very good leader out on the rink, shouting out instructions to her Blockers and she has a strong pack awareness. It was also nice to see Hellin Hazard getting her first bout experience at Blocker. Hellin, along with Sally Scissorhands, tried very hard to get a league started in the Columbus area but were disappointed with the struggle to get enough comitted and interested skaters to realistically form a team. You may remember their league name...Terrorz of Tiny Townz. She has a good future as a Blocker if she continues to improve and continues to make the long hour and a half commute to CCS practices. She has the power of intimidation on her side I can tell ya. She's an imposing figure out there on the track. Roll-R-Damage (formerly Dred Ruby) was CCS's hardest hitter all night, when she didnt find herself in the penalty box! It seemed that the Refs had a big 'ole bullseye on her the whole night. Speaking of Refs, I have to say that despite sending Roll to the box consistently all night, plenty of fouls were missed and several glaring errors were made. It seems that ref inexperience may have come into play, especially with some Refs having other bouts to attend. Oh well. The most confusing call, of several, was a stoppage of a Jam because of too many skaters on the track. As the skaters rounded turn 1 the whistle blew and everyone was looking around dumbfounded. Then the Ref changed his mind and decided that there WEREN'T too many skaters on the track! Uhhhh...okay. Sheeeesh.

As for Demo City, the charismatic GiGi L'Gore and Bangs McCoy were consistently racking up points and Jamming their asses off. GiGi in particular seemed the true star of Demo's B-Team and I suspect that she may get a call up soon for the A-Team. Uma Platta also had a few good, solid Jams and seems to be a developing talent at the position. G.I. Barbie was very noticeable as Jammer too, and its hard to miss her out on the track as she's a very tall and statuesque skater. Sugar Pie Honey Punch was knocking skaters around all night at Blocker and I believe she has had a stint with the A-Team. Sugar Pie is cool!

At half time I ran into Rock Scar who was sporting her "Dill-hat" that she had picked up at Boot City on the way up to Indy. To my surprise she had a cameraman and a mike and started to interview me for her upcoming Derby TV show! Although I was caught a bit off guard I gave a quick review of the action and my thoughts on the bout to that point. I was very sad to hear that Rock Scars brutal broken leg injury has forced her to retire from Roller Derby. Bummer! I'm glad that she's still in a support role with her team tho and the Derby TV show seems a great fit for her since she seems very comfortable with a mike in her hand. The show should be on a local Evansville channel soon. Good luck to you Rock! You are a total sweetheart! I was kinda bummed that there weren't any tees for sale with the actual DCRD logo. I really like that logo! At any rate I bought a tee in mens XL that said "I love DCRD... and love hurts!".

In the second half DCRD's bout experience started to show and they started to pull away from CCS. But the Soc's never gave up and kept playing their hearts out...a testament to Coach Roller Dex and Bench Coach Screama Donna. The final score was 135-73. The future looks bright indeed for CCS as they have shown considerable improvement from the first time I saw them at Ellenberger. Their conditioning in particular has improved and they are starting to gel as a team. The next 2 bouts will be way up in Noblesville at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. On June 20th they will host Stateline DD from Rockford, IL and then on August 8th they will be going up against Radioactive City from Paducah,KY. BTW, I really like those CCS jerseys...nice!

The afterparty at Zanies Too was fun, although trying to procure alcohol was a test of yer patience. And I have to say that I have begun to dread live bands playing at these afterparties. Nothing against the bands of course but its a royal bitch trying to carry on a freaking conversation...I get tired of yelling and straining to hear. I had a blast hanging out with Roll-R and her man Josiah. Josiah is a great guy and I always have a good time talking to him. I also got the chance to talk with Coach/Ref Roller Dex, one of the truly Derby committed guys out there. Dont ever doubt this guy's pure love of Roller Derby! Also hung with Rock Scar and her sister and Peyton too of course. BTW-Peyton did a great job as announcer and was smooth and professional behind the mic. She had one of her lucky ugly dolls with her at the announcers table and I think it worked very well! I wish my pix would have turned out better but the light was just too dim for my lame ass camera. I DID get a pic of me with the gorgeous Meana Garcia tho so I was happy!! Meana, I want to see you in skates at that Stateline bout tho okay?? I'm serious!

All in all I had a f'n GREAT time with the Soc's and I implore all of you Indy Derby fans to make the drive up to Noblesville to support this team. Its a blast.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Encounter with Joey Ramone

I have 3 bands that I totally worship: the Plasmatics, the Stooges and the Ramones. I was fortunate enough to have seen the Ramones way back in 1981 in San Antonio TX. They played a little country and western dive called Randy's. The owners of Randy's didnt know the Ramones from Hank Williams Sr and were clueless enuff to serve beer in BOTTLES!! Uhhhh...not a great idea. At any rate, as I prepared to face the aural assault of the Ramones I made a very odd decision. I decided that I would wear my Tae Kwon Do belt tied around my waist (???). Yeah, I was Mr Punk Rock with my spiked hair, earings, torn jeans and my...uhhh...Tae Kwon Do belt. At any rate, when the Ramones came out there was already broken glass EVERYWHERE. Whenever you stepped you stepped on glass shrapnel! At one point, in a total ballistic trance, I decided to untie my TKD belt and began to swing it over my head wildly. Then I flung it right at Joey. At first startled, Joey quickly reached out and grabbed the end of the belt as I held tightly to the other end. What followed was a tug-of-war between me and Joey for about 20 seconds. I laughed hysterically and let go and Joey started swinging the belt over his head and flung it out into the thrashing crowd. What an epic night!! Broken glass galore and electric Ramones energy!

I reminisced today because as I was out cruising on my bike I found myself at Borders in Greenwood. Initially my intention was to find the latest issue of "Blood and Thunder". Then I saw that ALL DVD's were 50% off as a result of trying to make more room for books. Then I spied a copy of "Its Alive", the great 2 disc Ramones video collection. It was marked at $20 and so it was actually $10!! Unbelievable. I had intended on buying this set ages ago but kept holding off because I just knew I would be able to find this DVD cheap. And so I did.

At the end of the first disc is a live set in London in 1977. I was totally blown away by the sheer chaotic energy of the set. There was a huuuge crowd and the Ramones were absolutely genius...every song incredibly tight. The sound and video quality is top notch and at one point during "I Dont Wanna be a Pinhead" huge piles of confetti began falling from the ceiling on the crowd and the moment couldnt be more perfect. That has to be the most amazing Ramones footage I have ever seen! DeeDee is bouncing around the stage crackling with energy and Joey is leaning as far forward as humanly possible with his mike stand. Johnny is spinning and pogoing up and down and the vibe IS the Ramones in all their glory! Get this DVD if at all possible...its worth it just for that London '77 set. I miss those guys so much. RIP Joey, Johnny and DeeDee-you will never be forgotten.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Naptown v Green Country Bout Recap or Naptown Turns the Corner!

Sweet, sweet victory! After an impressive showing against a very tuff Archies team Race City gets it done and dominates, quite literally, from the first Jam (13-0!!). Everything that gave me optimism in the last bout came to fruition this bout and our Homegirls really were overdue for some victorious celebrating. It was great to see all the fans so pumped up too. Injuries have healed for the most part, our Jammers are back and the NRG pack of Blockers has come together as one machine-like unit. The Amazin Blazin Ace was flying around the track racking up points as usual. There was one point where she came around turn 2 and fell to one knee, slid, and popped back up to get Lead Jammer status! Unreal. Have we ever seen more Lead Jammer jams than we did this bout? It was nice to see Slammy and Fin scoring points too. I told Fin that I just LOVE watching her skate when she breaks free of the power-skating form! Hands held karate chop-like with total focus and strength...its a beautiful thing. How great to see the Angel of Naptown out on the track so much too. She saw more action than during any bout this season as both Jammer and Blocker. Shadi seemed content with mostly Blocking duties, and may be best in that role until she heals up a bit. I must also say that the Chosen One was on fire this bout too! Grand slams!!

Coach Rick was as animated as I've seen him. Several times he rushed to the line, shouting at the Refs and showing passion. I LIKE it! Gone is that stoicism that Coach Rick had shown in the past. I mean, that may work for Tony Dungy or Tom Landry but this is f'n Roller Derby! The bout strategy and tactics were the best I've seen this season and the NRG Rollergirls changed it up often enuff to keep the Greenies scrambling and confused.

Speaking of the Greenies, I have to say that they looked lost about midway thru the first half. I figured that a 12 hour journey from Tulsa would be ruff and a roster of only 12 skaters made things even ruffer. Rosie the Wrecker just didnt look right all night. At first I thought that maybe she was feeling ill or something. There was several times when I loked over towards the bench and she looked really down and disheartened. It just wasnt like her at all. I felt for her to be honest. She just seemed to run out of gas and was obviously frustrated by the Nap Blockers and the deep hole that her team had dug very early in the game. I was very surprised that GCRG didnt go to Syko Path as Jammer more often, she seemed their best option from what I saw and brought a lot more energy at Jammer than anyone else on their team. When Rosie went 4-5 straight Jams it just got ridiculous. I dont care if she wanted to stay out there or not somebody needed to step up and make her get some much needed rest! I would have put Syko out there as Jammer way more than they did. A few times they put a Blocker out to Jam but kept Syko at Pivot. WTF??!! Thats crazy. Personally, I think that GC needs to make Syko a full-time Jammer and find someone else as Pivot. I know Jammer talent when I see it and Syko is a Jammer dammit.

Some bullet points:

* Talked to Rosie for a while at the Afterparty and she said that she wanted to keep Jamming even tho she was obviously fatigued. When I asked her about Syko she said that they needed her more at Pivot. I know that Pivot is important but I still believe that she needed way more Jams than she got. It didnt help that Whiskey Birmingham was injured and wasnt able to make trip out. Also found out that Whiskey is retiring at the end of the season. Thats gonna hurt. Two skaters bailed out at the last minute and that definately had an impact too. The Greenies bus was broke down and they had to scramble to get rental vans to make the hell-drive from Tulsa. The night out at the Blue Crew restaurant kinda was sucky too. Service and food was apparently sub-par. I asked Rosie about their venue and crowd size. She told me that their facility is fine with plenty of room for fans but they average between 300-600 fans for home bouts. She told me that the Indy crowd was intimidating and impressive but the fans were nice to them. We talked about their upcoming bout against Dixie and Memphis. We talked about in-state rivals the VicDolls (OKC). I really liked Rosie...she was very cool to talk to. She said that the Naptown skaters were really cool and great hosts. Unlike some other teams they have played...and no, I'm not gonna name names!

* Dill and Brownie were fantastic this bout. They are always rock solid, but this time they were REALLY impressive. The banter, the jokes, the rules explanations, the keen observations, the chemistry, the experience together...they just get better and better. For my money theres only one announcing team that can hang with those guys...Dumptruck and Bob Noxious. Excellent effort guys!!!

* DJ Sarah Vain, we are SOOO gonna miss you girl! You are the best and have left some very big shoes to fill. Good luck to you Sarah! BTW...I loved hearing "Neat Neat Neat" by the Damned. Very cool. I was rocking out the whole bout.

* I had another fascinating talk with IR Dastardly. Very insightful and illuminating as always. I would just love to hang out and talk Derby with that dude for like an hour or two. I'll buy the brews man!

* If ya didnt notice, the seats were expanded. More wooden seats were brought in and the stadium seats were pushed waaaay back. Dont think that NRG was all too thrilled with that plan since they took out some wooden chairs but were unable to push the stadium seats UP. They are heavy man! There's a lot cooking when it comes to obtaining more room for fans but I'm gonna keep all that under my hat for now. Next year may see some big changes...thats all I'll say. Too many fans are getting ticked that they cant get in and bouts are selling out way quick and a solution must be found. Hey, its a good problem to have and every team in WFTDA PRAYS for that "problem" I can tell ya.

* Once again I scammed one of the few mens XL tees from the visiting teams merch table. Are Derby teams EVER gonna get a clue and print up more mens XL and XXL shirts??? Its money in the bank girls!! Sheeeesh. The shirt I got was hilarious: the front says "Rollergirls are easy..." and the back says "To piss off!". Awesome!! A word of advice to fellow male Derby NOT wait to get visiting teams tee shirts.If you wander over at half-time or Derby Goddess forbid, the END of the bout, you'll be left out. All I ask is that you get outta MY way so I can get mine first! 8) Heehee. I really NEED more Derby tee's at this point. Actually... I DO need more Derby tees. LOTS more. PILES more. Truck fulls. You had better have noticed that ultra-cool Gotham Girls WFTDA Champs shirt I was sporting too. Too freaking cool.

* Got a chance to talk to Blue "the Natural" Messiah. Her injury is healing ahead of schedule and she's already back to skating. Good luck trying to keep her in full-on rest mode Coach Dastardly and Coach Di!! AINT gonna happen!! I love Blue...she's great. Such a warrior and a sweetheart.

* You KNOW that I wasnt gonna lay low on the news that Mizz U's retirement is imminent.She has officially skated her last bout with our Homegirls. NRG just wont be the same with out her fire. We are all so used to seeing her deliver hard, bone rattling hits and tripping to the penalty box ;). She is a one of a kind Rollergirl and it seems like shes been with us forever. I took a pic of her famous electric blue helmet that the Refs just love to pick out of a crowd and then went over to her and whined, "Dont leave!!". MU-you will be so missed. WE LOVE YOU GIRL! I was glad to hear that yer gonna still be at the bouts. MU has kids that wanna be in sports and its kinda tuff to get the time for that to happen when yer practicing 3-4x a week ya know?? Best of luck to you in all you do Mizz U!

* Do you realise that with this victory that Nap moved up to #34 in the FTS rankings? Yep. And if they can win out against ultra-rivals #35 F Dubb, #56 Dixie and #50 Ohio they will be 4-2 for the season in official WFTDA bouts this season. With a couple of breaks NRG could still crack the top 30 this year. The F Dubb bout will be tuff as usual but its definately a win-able bout. FW has their own injury problems right now too so its gonna be very interesting. DO NOT miss this bout!! I am here to tell ya that its gonna be a serious battle and you will be very sorry if ya dont see it! I wont go into the disparaging remarks made by the FW announcers towards Race City during the FW v Nash bout a few weeks ago but it is ON. The Ohio bout is win-able also. Ohio just seems to run in place for some reason and are still the team that they've been for a better-but no worse. As for Dixie, they havent seen much action yet this year so its hard to say what they'll bring in their home bout against Nap next weekend. Watch that Wicked One and CU Afterclass NRG! Bama Bruiser has taken over as Coach (and still skates too). Bama rules...she is legend.

* Best-dressed awards go out to Diane Beatin, Kitiara and Psych Rollergirls were dressed to KILL!

Well, after a pretty ruff stretch Naptown seems to be back on track and have no doubt learned much from their defeats this season. What is so encouraging to me is the sheer fire and determination that I've seen out of these skaters the past 2 bouts. The look in their eyes, the focus, the will, the never-let-up mentality, and yes, I'm gonna say it...the CHEMISTRY. Its back. Skaters picking each other up and playing as one cohesive, tactful unit. Its a beautiful thing people and its very hard to force. It just happens. Every Rollergirl taking responsibilty for their role and and playing with energy. The pack speed slowing down and speeding up as the situation dictates. The Blockers shutting down the oppositions Jammers and opening holes and gaps for our Jammers...its happening. When I had a chat with Coaches Rick and Fiestylicious I could see their excitement for what this team is capable of. I, for one, cant WAIT to see what happens this year at the Fall Brawl. Yeah, I know that its a ways off-but thats the way I think.

Oh, and I have to interject this: Did ya see that the awesome #3 Philly team beat the #6 Carols last week?? Mmmm hmmm. I love those Liberty City girls. 8) Ha!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wendy O Sent Me a Gift

As I'm sure you all know by now I am a full-fledged initiate in the Cult of Wendy O (Williams of Plasmatics fame). Wendy O memorabilia is rare and freaking EXPENSIVE. As much of a Wendy O devotee as I am it is tuff to lay out large sums of cash for some of this stuff. I recently saw the bottom half of a guitar that Wendy had sawed in half with a chainsaw at a Plasmatics show and she had actually SIGNED it. It was posted on Ebay for $1390. I would loooove to have that! Wendy O was openly hostile to people that dared to ask for her autograph and would often just say, "fuck off". Ummmm...Wendy HATES signing. As a result, finding Wendy's autograph can be challenging. I personally dont give a damn about autographs whatsoever but for Wendy I make an exception.

At any rate I am always perusing the Ebay auctions for Wendy O memorabilia and was very surprised to find a copy of the rare book "Plasmatics-Your Heart in Your Mouth"(the First 4 Years)". It was (barely) published way back in 1982 and has been difficult to find. The copies I've seen in the past are either really beat or more $$$ than I want to spend. It IS a fantastic book for Plasmatics/Wendy O fans and is worth finding just for the incredible photos alone. Well, to answer the obvious question, YES I bid on it. Then another bidder jumped in and I let it ride until right up to the last hour of bidding. I then lobbed another bid and waited to be outbid and then waited to see the book run into the $60-$70 range. But then...nothing. NOTHING happened. I won the book for $28! Unreal.

And here's where it all gets a bit strange.My new job position has eaten up way more of my time than I would like and I'm working strange hours. I have been very distracted and as a result I forgot to celebrate Wendy O on the day that she left this world...April 6th. That would normally have NEVER happened, but like I said, I've been very distracted. And then I realized something really strange-I had won this book on the anniversary of Wendy's passing. Bizarre. I mean, there's 364 other days that I could have won the book but I won it on the anniversary of Wendy's death. Thanks for the little gift Wendy! You will always rule and I will never, ever forget you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Naptown v Green Country Bout Preview!

The Greenies drive all the way from Tulsa ,OK to bout Race City on April 11th. Currently Nap is ranked #37 while GCRG is at # 42 (FTS, of course). Thus far the Greenies have a record of 2-3 in official WFTDA action and have victories over the VicDolls and Alamo City to their credit. They have to be especially happy with that close win over their in-state rival Oklahoma C. They pulled out that win 96-85, and hopefully will bout the VicDolls again next season. The Greenies got pretty much killed by the Pikes and the Killbillies but had a very respectable showing against Big Easy with a score of 100-81. Upcoming bouts match the Greens against Memphis, Dallas, Alamo (again?) and one of my faves, Dixie. To be frank I wish that GCRG had scheduled a rematch against the VicDolls instead of a rematch against Alamo. Alamo are 1-8 with their one win against NOLA to their credit. I just think that another bout against OKC woulda been way more interesting and I dont see much to be gained from bouting Alamo again.

Anyway, this will be a very competitive bout. I realise that most Nap fans have never even HEARD of Green Country, a fairly new member of WFTDA. But I can tell ya that those Tulsa Rollergirls are gonna bring it! Well...if that hell-drive doesnt burn 'em out too much. By far the star player for the Greenies is Jammer Rosie the Wrecker. She has quite the reputation as a very,very skilled point scorer down in the southwest and will be a major force to be reckoned with. Another talented Jammer is Whiskey Birmingham, who should see quite a bit of action. The renowned Syko Path will most likely be spending the majority of her time at the Pivot position setting the pace for her girls. Mention must be made of Severe Lisa Distik...because her name is freakin' cool!

Tulsa is surprisingly similar to Indy with a similar downtown skyline, population and propensity for tornadic havok. Well, Tulsa would have more tornadoes! Ya know what?? I believe that I've just come up with a perfect name for some new Green Country skater...Tornadic Havok!! Is that a killer name or what?

My gut instinct is that Race City will get their first victory of the season, but it will be hard fought and that would be provided that Naptown looks like they did in the Archies bout. Can the Greenies contain the Amazin' Blazin' Ace?? They do have some hard-hittin' Blockers. Will the lovely Slammy get more Jams?? What about the shin-splint cursed Superhero Shadi?? Will Naps veteran corps of Blockers be able to keep Rosie the Wrecker from scoring a slew of points?? These are questions that immediately pop into my mind leading up to this bout. Tulsa is driving a looooong way to take on Naptown and if they aren't well rested then that drive will definately have an impact on this bout. But if the Greenies get their beauty rest then this should be a real interesting bout. look for the Greens to be dressed in Green and Black with a very cool, sleek logo. And they better bring some merch 'cause it may be a very long time until we get to catch this team in action again anywhere close to here.

I have no idea what the Greens roster will look like but here is my best guess at who may arrive in Indy next weekend:

Rosie the Wrecker
Elektra Violet
Scarlett Devil
Torch Her
Syko Path
Short Circuit
Whiskey Birmingham
Filthy Vicious
Jackie the Stripper
Death by Kitty
Hott Rodd Havoc
Bad A Jenda
Severe Lisa Distik