Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brawl of America-Day 2

Yeah yeah...go ahead. Rub it in. I only went 2-2 yesterday although the Mighty Archies damn near caught up to Tricky Cincy in the last few minutes of what was an amazing bout. Oh if only. Then I woulda been a respectable 3-1. And Chanel woulda been smiling a lil bigger. I'm not gonna lie...2-2 SUCKS and I'm not happy about it. The ONE time I dont pick the Burns and they burn ME. Shit. Sorry C-town...ya know I WANTED to pick ya...didnt I say that?? Huh?? Yeah, I'm scrambling here. I did pick one mild upset tho...the Brewskis came thru! Well, I'm a gambler and sometimes ya just gotta go for it. But enuff about yesterday...on to todays action:

1. #26 NStar v #25 the Minnies

Ah yes...the battle of Minnesota. The well established and more experienced Minnies take on the upstart NStars, who may lack experience but have loads of skill and heart. I do believe that this bout will be a 4-5 point spread thru most of the game and who ends up in the penalty box the most will most likely lose. I gotta go NStar here. They played their asses off against Beer City yesterday and I just feel that they dont wanna go winless in their first Tournament. Dont be surprised if the Minnies pull this one out because its gonna be VERY close. Still...NStars.

2. #34 G Rag v #18 the Archies

G Rag really seemed overwhelmed and lackluster yesterday against those Burns and I dont really get why. YES the Burns played exceptional Derby but still...ya gotta wonder. After what I saw yesterday from both of these teams I predict the Archies in a landslide. They'll pull away early and never look back. And thats not the Fanboy in me talking either. For that matter if St L was goin up against Cincy again today I would STILL pick 'em. Sorry. The upside with the Archies is huge. And G Rag?? What the hell happened yesterday??

3. #36 the Burns v #32 Beer City

Yikes. This is the tuffest pick of the day...really. I've tortured myself on this predict and I just havent convinced myself that one team has any distinct advantage over the other. IF the Brewskis can play consistently the WHOLE bout and not get streaky then I hafta go with them. Yeah...I'm gonna lay my $$$ on the Brewskis here and I could easily get burned. but when in doubt just go with yer heart. Even if ya lose, well, ya went with yer heart so...<3 Brewski LOVE <3. Sorry Burns, ya know I've been pullin for ya all year. So dont kick me when I see ya several months from now against Race City 'kay??

4. #15 Tricky Cincy v #2 the Crushers

Cincy?? You know yer good...WE know yer good. So now that we've established that, it doesnt matter if Sadie has the game of her career it just wont be enuff today...not against THIS team. Chi-town will prove to be waaaay too much and should win comfortably. It wont be close after about 15 minutes.

5. #16 Deeetroit v #11 Madolls

Mad Rollin has a way of going opposite of my picks. All the time this happens...I pick em to win-they lose. I pick em to lose-they win. And so it goes. well I'm picking em to lose against the fiesty skaters of Deeetroit today. Which means of course, good news for the Madolls. Wait a minute...what am I thinkin?? Its soooo obvious...the Madolls will WIN!! Which is to say that they will lose. Uhhhhh wait a minute. Thats not right is it? Lay it out for Deeetroit. I'm serious. Sorry Madolls. I mean, congratulations!!

Well, Friday was one of those days when I just broke even. I mean, I was entertained and all, but the money just broke even. Be careful today laying big money on that Burns v Brewskis bout. Actually...just stay away from it. Go the safe route and bet the house on Windy. And let the warm feeling of winning envelop you as you go to the cash window with that WCR ticket. The Crushers will DOMINATE this Tournament. Just watch.

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