Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I may be falling in love with this Jag...<3

I've tried to resist...cuz ya know...shes not earned my trust yet. I've, perhaps mistakenly, thought of her as the incredibly beautiful, charming woman who I'll totally fall for who will promptly stab me in the neck. She is gaining my trust. Hell, I took her to Cincy and back and plenty of places since. And ya know what?? Despite my reservations, she is rock solid AND gorgeous. I'm starting to believe in her. I'm talking of course about my classic Jaguar XJ6. I've had an Audi 5000, a BMW 635 CSI, 2 VW's and 2 Saab 900's. Of that lot I've always loved the ole bulletproof Saab 900 Turbo convertible the most. I gave it to my son Derek when I bought the Jag, with much trepidation. I LOVED that Sabb 900...for real. I adored her. And she was so good to me. Everything you could want in a car she was.

I've always thought that Jaguar made some of the most sexy, beautiful cars in the world. But ya know...they just couldnt be trusted. You really really WANTED to love them...worship them. But *stab!!!* right in the neck. Ow. That really smarts. But NO!! Not MY beauty! Hell no...shes gorgeous, sexy AND reliable. So PISS OFF all you Jag haters. She is mine...and I'm beginning to feel that love...

She is possessed of the most comfortable seats that I have EVER sat in. Ever. The ride and motor are pure silk...smoooooth. Acres of lovely butterscotch leather surround me. And then theres that burled carpathian elm woodwork, Am I in a freakin ROLLS?? It damn near feels like it. The ultra-thin steering wheel and the elegant, slightly gear shifter are masterpieces. Its so easy to fall. Mmmmmmm....and she is just so damn sexy. 8)

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