Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Unreal Texas Triple-header or Have the Muthas Gone Mental??

Ya really do have to admire the guts that it takes to do what the Original Muthas are gonna be doing starting Friday. Takin on the Mighty Goths would be more than enuff but no...thats not enuff. The OM's just gotta get a few cold brews, some carbs, a little late-nightt dancing and some beauty sleep. Then its up and at 'em w/a double-header against the likes of Lovely Charm AND the Beans! Whoa.Thats whack. Must be nice having Derby superpowers like the Muthas. However, there is just no damn way that I'm gonna even THINK about the NYC Hellish Tank of Destruction goin down to TX. Sorry. Cant get my mind around it. Oh, it'll be a closer bout than LAST year for sure, but in the end I cant see the Goths losing. Oh, I know that they will sooooome day. Just not FRIday. Even without Beyonslay. Rumor has it that the Gothic Queens will be wearing OKVD armbands for the bout (I kid, I kid).

Which leaves the 2 excellent teams that TX will face on Saturday. First up...the Lucky Charms. And this is the really difficult pick for me. My heart shouts, "CHARMS"! But there's a lil whisper in the back of my head sayin', "Ya better bet Teeeexas". Ya know that the Muthas will be pissed and out for blood but I'm going with my heart in this one: Charms in a 1-4 point squeeker.

Which would leave 0-2 TX tired, worn, drained and REALLY pissed off. At which point they just go OFF on the Beans. The Derby Goddess just cant have her TX skaters goin 0-3 ya know. Nope. She's gonna charge them with sacred Derby energies heretofore unknown. They become all light and sparkly and there's a visible blueish glow that envelops all the Muthas. And they just go OFF. BOS plays it with heart and tuffness but the Goddess-chosen TX wins one in a knock down, rough n tumble kinda bout.

Of course, ya never know with the Originals. Thats the thing. They are fully capable of going 2-1 this weekend. Hell, it wouldnt shock anybody. Yes, I'm covering my ass because I have seen what TX is capable of. But are they still the blueprint?? The Gothic Queens of the Derby Universe may have something to say about that. My money's on them. They're making me rich.

-VicDolls r cool

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  1. 9 points from being 3-0 on this one. The Lucky Charms nearly pulled off the upset and the Beans game went down pretty much the way I figured it would. Didja see that bueish glow on the Muthas??
    Goths -84 TX -76

    TX -112 Charms -104

    TX -118 Bos -84