Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Told Ya I Play Favorites!! My 5 (6?) Favorite Teams

There are scores of Derby teams that I admire and even more skaters that I'm crazy about but if I were to list my Top 5 Derby squads then it would look precisely like this:

1. Naptown Rollergirls (Race City/ the Nap)

Now come on. You KNEW I wasnt really gonna slot any other team at #1 in my heart now didja? You all know better than that. Lets see...I live in Indy, these are my beloved Homegirls, I personally know every player on the team and after all they are the reason that I fell for Flat Track Derby in the first place. So yeah, its Naptown way, way on top and everyone else down the list a ways. I AM a Race City guy and I love, no, I LOOOVE this team. They are a class organisation and run their bouts with total professionalism (considering that this is, after all, an Amateur sport). They have an awesome venue and have a lot of involvement in their community. If you EVER come to Indy you must see a Nap bout. you wont believe tha crazy ass crowd that they draw...its EPIC. Just ask any team that has played here. And then there's the skaters. The most down-to-earth, friendly and open skaters you could ever meet. Its so damn easy to love this team. And they have the Angel of Naptown too. Coolest Rollergirl ever. 8)

WFTDA Record: 6-5 FTS #38

2. and 3. Yep. I'm cheatin already. So what? I cant choose between these 2 teams...I adore them both and I make no appy loggy's okay? Just get over it man! I would sooner cut off an opposable thumb than decide who would be #2 between...

Brew City (the Brewskis/ Beer City) or the Arch Rivals (the Archies)

I first met this team when they played here in Indy and then later, havin fallen madly in love with them all, I caught them against Ft Wayne. Milwaukee has been blessed with one of the coolest, friendliest, most likeable squad of Rollergirls around. Where do I even start? Howzabout Rejected Seoul? Or Grace Killy? Or Romaniac? Or Coach Swingwreck? And this team has a great sense of humor and couldnt be more fun to Afterparty with. Damn I wish they were geographically closer.I would never miss a bout. I love you Beer City girls! I'm a fan for life.

WFTDA Record- 4-5 FTS # 39

I first saw these skaters at Fall Brawl '08 when they shocked everyone by winning the Tournament with class, grace and style. They've also been blessed with two of the coolest Coaches ever. I was immediately impressed with their heart and spirit. The Archies also have a Jammer that RULES named Chokehold Chanel. I asked her hand in marriage but dammit I was too late. Yeah...she's married. Chanel is one of the coolest Rollergirls I've ever met or seen in action and she totally has everything you could ever want in a Jammer. I would put her right in the Top 10 Jammers without hesitation, but of course I am not the most objective source in Derbydom ya know. We're talkin total love here okay? Yeah...sigh...CHANEL. Even the sound of her name...
Okay, I'm snapping out of it okay?! How couldja just let me go on like that? This is turnin into a love letter. But not only does ARRG have the lovely Chanel but they also have Artemischief, The Educator, Eli Wallop and Davey Blockit. Awesome team and great people. Like the Beer City gang, you couldnt have a nicer squad to party with when the bout is over regardless of who won or lost. I've already worn out my Archies tee. I really really wanna see that Archies v F Dubb bout August 1st. Please let it happen o great Derby Goddess...this may be Chanels last season ( NOOOOOOOO!!). And ya know whats really cool? They have never once given me shit for nicknaming them the Archies. Love you St Louis skaters!

WFTDA Record: 5-5 FTS #19

3. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls ( The Rocks/ the Killer Rocks)

Damn straight Rocky Mountain!! You KNEW that already Frida...total Derby love to the Rocks. I soooo wish that Denver was...uhhh...way closer. Thats a hellride on the bike ya know? I started watching footage of this team nearly 2 years ago and was totally blown away by the way they play the game. It just doesnt matter what the hell the score is, when yer talking about playin it out 110% to the final Jam, you couldnt get any better than these Rollergirls. Period. Heart, fight and toughness thru and thru...thats the Killer Rocks. If I lived anywhere even remotely close to DEN I would have seen these girls in action live by now. I cant wait to see how they do at the Western Regionals this year. I have a feeling that they just may sneak up on a few teams and punch 'em right in the mouth! You have been warned. Plus. I mean, besides the incomparable Frida Beater this team also has Pinky 500, Winona Fighter and She Who Cannot Be Named...what the hell do ya want?! Believe me, this team KILLS. Totally likeable too so that helps.

WFTDA Record: 18-14 FTS #21

4. Charm City ( Lovely Charm/ the Lucky Charms)

Aaaahhh yes. Lovely Charm, a favorite for damn sure. And ya wanna know the truth?? I have never, and I mean EVER rooted for a team from Baltimore. I'm a Colts guy...INDIANAPOLIS Colts that is. I cant get into the Orioles or Goddess forbid, the Ravens. Yick. But Lovely Charm?? I adore them. Cant really explain it or make any sense of it but these girls won me over some time ago. Hell, they even made me want to set foot in Baltimore (wearin my Peyton jersey 'natch) just so I could see 'em playing live. The Lucky Charms are such a cool, interesting team and the more of their bout footage that I see the more impressed I am with their skill and tenacity. They are fully capable of bumping off any top ranked team at any time. They are flat-out DANGEROUS. I mean, after all, we're talkin about a team that has Flo freakin' Shizzle, Rosie the Rioter and Cheeta Torpedo. How cool is that?? Charm City...warriors. Total grade-A Warriors.

WFTDA Record: 18-8 (!) FTS #7

5. Providence (The Prov/ the Lil Team That Could)

I cant help it, I am so into this team. I ALWAYS pull for them. I dubbed them "The Lil Team That Could" because of their potential giant-killer status. The reasons why I so dig this team are a bit vague but for some reason, despite their spotty record, I just see a lot to admire with Prov. Even when the Prov is down and out in a bout they never give up. There's a whole lotta fight in this lil team from Rhode Island. The chances of me being able to see an actual live bout are a little remote but hey, ya never know. Maybe next year they could take on Tricky Cincy or Windy. That would be a realistic drving distance. Its within the realm of possibility...it could happen. This is a team that has a miracle up their sleeve, I can just FEEL it. And if they get in, this Lil Team That Could may surprise a few folks at the Eastern Regionals too. I have such faith in this team, such outright BELIEF in these girls that nothing they do could shock me. Believe in the Prov. Thats all I'm sayin'. I just love an underdog and Providence is my favorite underdog. No doubt. Come on PROV!! Its time for yer miracle run...

WFTDA Record: 7-13 ( I know, I know) FTS #32

Honorable Mentions: Philly, Derby City, Angel City, Hammer City, Dixie, Circle City (non- WFTDA) and the Cherry Bombs (TXRD) You all kick ass!


  1. Hey Dave! Just a note: Derby City is WFTDA as of March of this year.

    And thanks for the honorable mention :) hopefully we'll see you up in Noblesville this weekend!

    -Screama Donna

    Sass E. McNasty
    Captain-Rhode Island Riveters
    Providence Roller Derby