Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let the Litterbox Come to Indy!!

Because I'm a fan of the incomparable Kitty Liquorbottom too!! Repeat after me Kitty..."I must go to Indy...I must go to Indy...I MUST GO TO INDY". Let us all share in the special comraderie that Kitty Liquorbottom fans share worldwide! Litterbox dwellers rise up for Kitty!! We shall unleash upon the Derby world a LEGION of Liquorbottom lovers! If ya dont make it out to Race City for this bout KL you know that we will all be saddened...dont sadden us Kitty...SHOW. Because we all love the new Kitty Queen! Let her be crowned as Kitty Queen! The former Kitty Queen...Kitty Killjoy has retired and left her glorious throne empty. Its time to assume yer mantle Kitty INDY. There yer crown awaits...

KL rules 8).

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