Thursday, June 25, 2009

ECE Bout Predictions Here!! or Damn its Gonna be a Busy Ass Weekend

Okay...predictions galore! The rankings are current Flat Track Stat rankings, NOT WFTDA. Cause thats how I roll people. You know that.

#7 Lucky Charms v #5 the Rats
I gotta go Charms in this one and its not just a matter of being a Charmfan okay? I have seen evidence that the Rats have stabilized and are certainly a force but when I check in with the 'ole gut instinct I just have to go Charms in this one. Having said that, I expect this to be an excellent, closely contested bout. I simply have been more impressed with Lovely Charm thus far than Rat C. Its just that simple. Flo and Joy are my kinda Rollergirls...mentally tuff and skillz to spare.

#31 F Dubb v #35 G Rag
Last year this time there is no way in hell that I woulda picked FW. NO f'n WAY. This year?? I would have SOOO picked F Dubb. Note that I said WOULD have. That was until Kitty retired and, more concerning, Pushycat got injured. No Pushy? No victory for FW. Pushy skating? An F Dubb victory. For real. She really is that critical to the success of the FW team. Soooo, yeah, G Rag gets a lucky break and wins this one. FW NEEDS Pushycat in the worst way. And really its too bad because the Dubb has really put together an impressive season.

#54 the Conn v #56 the Dominatrixes
The Conn did impress me last week and they are a lot better than some might realize but I just cant pick 'em yet over Dominion. Yes, the Dom have had a ruff stretch recently and there is no denying that. But I just am not ready to count them out. The Dom skaters start righting the ship THIS weekend. Ya read it here first. Put up the money Rollerheads.

#43 the Burns v #46 the District
DC have one of those teams that are better than rollerheads know. But I have been very impressed with the Burns over the course of the last year and they have steadily progressed to the point where I KNOW they will win this one. They have become a fairly well-rounded team and the talent is there to surprise some people this weekend. The city of the Burning River is gonna be raising some frothy brews to the victory of their Rollergirls. But those Capitol City girls will be gamers. Believe me. This should be a very entertaining and interesting game.

#26 the ATL v #67 Montreal
Nah...havent come up with a clever nick for those Montreal gals yet, but this bout will be all ATL. Bet the house on this bout because its a lock. Flat out. The ATL just have waaaay more bout experience and its gonna show. Now prove me wrong MON...

#27 the Minnies v #45 Brewskis
And here's where I EARN my $$$. I am throwing the rankings right out the proverbial window and going Brewskis in this bout. It surely seems like an upset pick and all but I am here to tell ya that the Beer City girls have turned the corner and the Minnies?? Ummmm...not so much. Look, I really do like MIN, I do. Believe me. But they just seem to have underperformed in recent memory and its gotta be time for those Brewskis to rise up and grab some glory for themselves. Ya hear that Grace? Hell yeah...Brewskis baby! This could be the year when they turn some heads. Of course, whadda I know?? I adore the Brewskis win OR lose.

#10 Mad Dolls v #13 Warriors
In this bout ya gotta go with those Milkmaids ya know? The KC squad has been rebounding from some critical roster losses this year and I hafta say that they have been much better than I figured they would be. But no. The Mad Doll Milkmaids shall rise and conquer. And I have heard that if they win then they will retire those "uni's" forever. Well...thats what I'VE heard. And my dark alley sources are always legit. Sorta kinda.

#18 Tricky Cincy v #2 Crushers
Come on...ya KNOW I'm not betting any of my oh so precious cashish on any upsets over Windy. No way. Unless yer team goes by the name of the Goths or the Cheesesteaks I am not even gonna go there. The Crushers will once again prove why they are the class of midwestern Derby. And they will once again prove why I have nicked them the CRUSHERS. Sorry Sadie. Its gonna be a very ruff bout for the Tricky squad.

#8 the Beans v #12 the Carols
This is without a doubt the tuffest pick of al Saturdays bouts. These 2 teams are just so damn evenly matched that I could easily make a case for either team. And thats considering the fact that I am in the Princess America Cult of True Believers. Join us...become one of the chosen. She truly has the awesome blessings of the Derby Goddess. But my infamous gut instinct has whispered in my ear and it has said in its quiet but convincing voice, "Go with the's their game". So...uhhhh...I'm listening to that quiet 'lil voice. Beans. Go with the Boston squad. Because Pussy Venom said so. And ya really dont wanna piss her off.

#15 Deeeeetroit v #7 Lovely Charm
I have to believe that Car City will give the Charms quite a battle but when all is said and done the Lovely Charm skaters have been a better team all year long. Why has Deeetroit slipped? I mean, they do have one of the best damn Jammers in the country. Yeah...Racer freakin McChaser totally KILLS. But so far I just havent seen the fight and desire that used to be their identity. Any D-Town fans wanna weigh in? Because in my mind they are a much better team than they have shown thus far this year. Still gotta love that Racer tho. But I gotta love those Charms a little more.

#5 the Rats v #4 the Cheesesteaks
I will say right here and now that I am a believer in Philly. They have speed, strength, depth, willpower and skillz in abundance! Liberty City is one of only 2 teams in all the land that I honestly believe could upset the Mighty Goths in a Derby bloodbath. I just love that Philly squad. And whats even cooler is that they just have so much personality. They are a very colorful squad of skaters that are a real blast to watch in action. Have I made it abundantly clear yet how much I like this Cheesesteak team?? Philly over the Rats. Sorry Seattle. I have ya goin 0-2 on Saturday. My how times have changed...

I'll have the Sunday picks for all of you Derby gambling addicts by Saturday night. I mean, I know how much is riding on these picks. It may mean the difference between hot dogs or filet mignon. Not that I personally eat any of that stuff. Nahhhh. For me its more a case of having a six of Natty Lite or a huge bottle of my beloved (some say hallucinagenic) Jaeger. And...uhhhh...I'm waaaay more in the mood for an ecstatic Jaeger buzz. Know what I mean? Natty Lite gives me a headache.

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