Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Mighty Gothic Queens of Complete Destruction v the Carols....hmmmmm

The Carols have one rock solid squad. I mean, theres not really one glaring weakness on that team. Now, if ya wanna nitpick then yeah...there might be a couple of tiny things that could be tweaked but overall the Carols are SOLID. But ya wanna know what solid is? The Goths. The freakin' ridiculous wall of complete destruction that IS the Mighty Goths of NYC. Bet ya dont remember the last time they lost do ya?? Come on, search yer memory. Still cant remember can ya?? Thats because the last time they lost was waaay back in September of 2007! Yep. They went down to KC at the Texas Shootout by 15 points. Now mind you, that was the epic squad that KC had w/Jammers Xcelerator and Snot Rocket. Uhhhh...Carols? Its been a while since the skaters of Gotham have lost a bout. And it isnt going to be this weekend either. If the Carols lose its nothin to be that freaked out over tho. Really its a matter of point differential. If Carolina lost by 9 points it would really matter. It would look good. In '09 tho the Carols have 2 bouts in the books and 2 losses. -27 against Lovely Charm and -39 against Liberty City. But in my mind the only 2 teams capable right now of beating the NYC Machine is Philly and Windy. So losin to the Cheesesteaks isnt anything to hang yer head over. The last win for Carolina was over the ATL last year. So yeah...hang on Carolina. The Tank of Hellish Destruction is about to roll on thru. Girl up and press on Carols. Its gonna be a ruff ride.

Thats Bonnie Thunders of the Mighty Hellish Goths in the Pic btw


  1. Texas is gonna find out going up against NYC ain't like playing OKC!

    The Original GGRDOnald
    June 19th is like Novebmer To Remember-if you miss it, IT'LL BE A REGRET YOU'L NEVER FORGET!!!!

  2. Don...you KNOW that!! Go Gothic Queens!!!