Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kitties Kitties Everywhere and Not a One to Meet

Yes...its true. Kitty Liquorbottom didnt show last nite. Her Kitty Queen Crown remains unclaimed here in Naptown. We are saddened. Its okay Kitty...I mean, you ripped my soul apart and I've lost all meaning in my life but its OKAY. But I thought we had an understanding...something of a vibe between us. Really, just think about it Kitty, whats more important? Your job? Or hanging out with ME?? I mean, jobs come and go but the love and admiration I have for you is irreplaceable. So yeah...just pitch my heart right into the litterbox. I'm still willing to sell all manner of cheesy products bearing yer name and likeness tho. I gotta make a living ya know.

KL rules! 8)


  1. How did it happen that I missed the chance to come to Indy?
    Alas, work had to prevail over my love of derby. I can't afford to do this without it. Maybe by chance we will meet in Cincy this weekend.

  2. Kitty reads my Blog!! Awesome.

    -Naptowns #1 Kitty Liquorbottom Fan 8)