Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Naptown v Ohio Bout Preview!

Ohio will be rollin into Indy shortly and while the Naptown Faithful are still swooning over that F Dubb victory its best not to dwell on it at this point. I know, I WAS awesome. WAS being the key word at this juncture. This is my concern, that Race City will still be basking in the glow of what was the biggest win of the season and let down their guard. Ya know...relax and perhaps not be 100% focused on a very hungry Ohio team that did win a close one against Sioux Falls. I saw the Sioux play last year and they were pretty damn good. And they also beat the Gems...twice. Which does beg the question: Why play the Gems twice already in '09?? Just asking.

The OH squad have had a tuff time in their WFTDA history with only 2 victories to their credit since joining WFTDA as an original member in '06.Those couple of wins came against the Steelies and the Burns. The Steel skaters did avenge their earlier loss to OH by beating them recently. Ohio also, like NRG, lost to NStar this year. Currently the Ohio All Stars are ranked #42 by FTS. The Nap skaters are ranked #36. Ohio have been very competitive in some very good bouts. What I'm saying is that I hope no one discounts this team because they will sneak up and sting ya. With only 2 weeks to recover from the amazing bout against rival FW its gonna require a refocus and some quick healing to be ready for the OH when they arrive.

Frankly, with the recent winning results of Race City fresh in everyones mind I would be surprised if Nap lost. I guess ya just gotta look at that Jammer talent on NRG. And the cohesion of the Naptown Blockers who are playing as good as they have all season. I can tell ya this...if Race City brings it like they did against F Dubb than all will be well for Indy's team and fans.

But now for the REAL concern...will Kitty Liquorbottom show?? I NEED my picture taken with her. I NEED to tell her how she has one of my favorite names in all of Derby. I mean, does it get any better than that? Come on! Please?? For me?? I wanna be yer manager. I can see Kitty Liquorbottom Tees, hats, hoodies, lunchboxes, ltd edition bottles of Kitty Liquorbottom Cognac, a full line of fragrances, ya know...the Kiss-style SELL OUT. Hell yes. I will only take a nominal fee of course, nothing too Jerry Maguire I assure you. Now ya GOTTA show. Come on.

The likely Ohio roster:

Alli Catraz
drrty grrl
Wendra Woman
Foxy Force
Phoenix Bunz
Pippi Ripyourstockings
Jaden Blayz
Royal Pain
Kill Basa
and of course the incomparable KITTY LIQUORBOTTOM!

Oh...and J.o.D.
surprise!! 8)


  1. Dave! Nice write up and I enjoy your blog. Just to unofficially address a few things you mentioned here:

    The two games with Gem City were basically because Dayton and Columbus are so close, the teams want to play as much derby as possible without incurring big travel expenses. It's kinda like in the NFL when divisional rivals play each other twice in a season. Personally, I'd like to see more of that especially in regions like the North Central where teams are all fairly close together. It will give us all a much more accurate picture of how teams match up.

    Second, Gang Green is the OHRG "b-team" that will be playing the Warning Belles. Ohio's WFTDA chartered team is simply called the Ohio Roller Girls. No biggie there just wanted to clarify!

    Personally, I think this is a really good matchup and its gonna be a great, close game. I am very much looking forward to it! Hope to meet you there...

    Caesar, OHRG announcer

  2. oh what the hell, Dave, just to relate a story about KLb since you love her so much (i can't say for sure but i'd expect your wishes to come true). She ALREADY has her own t-shirts, hoodies, etc. In fact, she has a personal fan section that shows up to all OHRG games and tailgates, and occupies a section of trackside seating. Her awesome fan section even has a great name: the LITTERBOX! It's a beautiful thing to see, and if the Litterbox shows up in Naptown (I expect they will) you should sit with them.

    Related to this- I frequently talk about KLb and the LITTERBOX on the mic, and when I do invariably I mix up the words and call out "Kitty Liquor-box". It's hilarious, although I really, really try not to do it. Hopefully I can keep it straight on the 13th.

  3. Caeser...thanx 4 the feedback! And the Gang Green thing?? Uhhh...FIXED. Thanx, I musta been dozin. The "litterbox"?? I absolutely love it, LOVE it I tell ya! Bring on the Kitty!