Thursday, May 14, 2009

The #17 Rocks v #10 Bean City Bout Preview

Lets get straight to the point. Boston is good. Real good. Not good enough to avoid getting punched in the mouth by Lovely Charm or the Mighty Gothic Queens of the Universe but still...they are GOOD. And they are mega-experienced too. There's a lot to be said for having endured hours and hours of Tournament play and having won more than ya lost. So yeah, the "smart money" is on those Beans to win in this weekends awesome bout against the Rocky Mtn Fight Club. Those "in the know" figure that the Beans are just a bit better, a bit more experienced, a bit higher ranked than the Killer Rocks. And hey - Boston has Pussy Venom!

I'm here to tell ya to take a little gamble with me. Take yer wad o' "smart $$$" and walk out on the ledge with it. Listen to my trusted and infamous "gut instinct" and bet on those Killer Rocks. In what should prove to be an excellent, closely contested bout I have faith that those Rocks are gonna find a way somehow to win. Dont believe me?? Not ready to trust my gut instinct? Thats okay. But let me take ya back to the year of 2008. Ummmm...that would be LAST year. The awesomeness that is the Killer Rocks made itself known and in an incredible night of glory the Rocks DEFEATED the Beans 111-93. Ya remember that?? Hmmmm?? Well I do. And the Rocks do too. I imagine that the memory of that bout brings a smile to their faces. I was very proud of them that night as they showed HEART and brought a toughness and will that made obvious what this team is all about. And I'm taking nothing away from the Beans either. I have the utmost respect for them and they fought hard that night, as they always do.

I can hear some doubters whispering in the background about the results at the 4 Corners Feud Tournament that happened a few months back when RMRG lost both bouts. Well listen to this...I'm throwing that Tournament out the window. I dont care about what happened at the 4CF. I really dont. The Rocks had some disadvantages that weekend but I'm not really making any excuses for them. I jsut dont really believe that the results of that Tournament will have any bearing whatsoever on the bout thats gonna be going down this weeked. And you shouldnt either. Have a little faith. The Killer Rocks are gonna find a way. And somebody had better be twittering updates during this bout or I'm gonna DIE.

Only one more thing to say: 111-93, 2008. Got it?

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  1. The Killer Rocks lost in a competitive bout in Boston.