Friday, May 15, 2009

Lovely Charm v the Carols Bout Prediction!

Aaaahhhh...Lovely Charm v the Carols. Another epic matchup between 2 incredibly skilled teams that could be one of the best bouts of the year thus far. But before I get all into that I need to address something right away. Tell me that I didnt actually just read that there's a skater for Lovely Charm named JUST CAROL. Are ya freaking kiddin me?? Just Carol? Uhhhh, look, I know this may be something of a problem but if yer handle is Just Carol how can you NOT be wearing black n red?! Perhaps Bianca needs to change her name right before the bout to Just Lovely then things would be all balanced out in the Derby Universe as we know it. There is no damn way that Just Carol doesnt suit up for the Carols...

Anyhoo...on to the bout prediction. I was really struggling with this one and so I put off babbling out my predict all week thinking that, ya know, it would just come to me. All sparkly and magical like. Maybe the Almighty Derby Goddess would whisper in my ear the outcome as she occasionally does. But NO! What troubling monkey wrench does She throw in the rotating gears in between my ears?? I find out that the amazing Princess America is on the Carols roster. DOH!!! Man o man. The Princess is one of the most skilled Jammers on the planet and there's not a league out there that wouldnt want her at the start line wearing their colors. She just flat out KICKS ASS. Yeah...the Carols are capable of defeating any team in WFTDA. Well...except, of course, the Mighty Gothic Queens of the Big Bad Apple. They that rule the Derby World with an iron fist. They that have a complete lack of anything resembling mercy.

Here's the rub tho: The Carols have a whopping ONE bout result in 2009. And that would be a loss to the skaters of Liberty City where the final score was 85-46. But Philly DOES totally kick ass and all. So....hmmmm. What have we all really seen from the Carols?? Not much this year. Lovely Charm on the other hand have been busy little stinging bees mowing down every team put before them thus far this year except know it already...the Mighty Goths. Damn! Do they ever lose?? Its getting a little ridiculous at this point. Anyway, on the Lucky Charms hit list are some mighty fine teams: the Pikes, Maine (gotta come up w/a nick for them), the Beans(!!), H-Burg, the ATL and Prov. VERY impressive resume. Very very very impressive.

So here it is - Lovely Charm continues their impressive run and defeats the Princess-led Carols. Hope that the Charms know that there's a spy in their midst. I mean, her name kinda gives it away!

This is Just Dave...signing off. Peace!


  1. A few suggestions for Maine's nickname....

    Evergreen Elles

    Stephen King's Needful Things

    Castle Rock Crew

    The Mighty Moose (or Mooses...or Meeses...whatever...)

    Just a few possibilities for ya...and at least half kidding. =)

  2. Wally...if u think that I'm gonna refer to any Rollergirl as a "Moose" yer nuts!! I value my jewels ya know?? 8)

    BTW...the Lucky Charms beat the Carols...which kinda makes me smile. Like this 8)

  3. Score! Nice going, Charm City! =)

    And, because I also value my jewels, that's why I made certain to point out that I was at least half-kidding on the suggestions. Some of them are serious....but I'd never, EVER refer to a rollergirl as a moose...unless she told me to.