Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Quick Pick - G-Rag v Tricky Cincy

I have a lot of affection for the skaters of Grand Rapids and Dot is so cool but...I'm gonna hafta say that Tricky Cincy will come out on top once again in tonites bout. That is if Sadie is on top of her game cause ya know how the old saying goes..."As Sadie goes so goes Cincy". And theres major truth in that. If G-Rag still had Mira Maheiney on their squad then that woulda certainly helped their cause but thats not gonna happen. Yep- put that stone cold cashish on the Tricky Rollergirls o' Cincy.

Sure wish that I could check out the livestream of this bout 2nite but I shall be watching the fierce, tempestuous battle in Indy...a major grudge match between Naptown and F-Dubb. it'll be a Double Header w/the Warning Belles going up against Fort Wayne's SWAT team. Then it'll be the Sirens v FW's All Stars. Hopefully next year Naps bouts will be ustreamed. And no...I STILL dont pick Nap bouts. I'm not gonna jinx my Homegirls! Total luv to Race City (I totally play favorites!). It WILL be very strange to see F Dubb w/out the beautiful Kitty Killjoy at the Jammer position tho. She is great. Ya hear that ya Carols?? She lives out in yer neck of the woods now and even tho ya DO have the Princess it sure would be nice to have a Kitty too! 8)

Oh, and as regards the Burns...I dont care where those girls are ranked, they have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better over the course of the past year and nobody better take them lightly. They took F Dubb out last year and they are improving steadily. Shout out to the BRRG! You Rollergirls are rockin C-Town...hell yes.

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  1. Cincy won BIG over G-Rag. Musta been a Sadistic kinda bout ya know??