Tuesday, May 19, 2009

F-Dubb v Naptown Bout Preview or Wherefore art thou Kitty?

Before I get too deep into the upcoming grudge-bout between Ft Wayne and Nap I wanna make a 'lil inquiry. Where the hell is Kitty Killjoy? She got married several months ago and has seemingly fallen off the F-Dubb roster. Did she retire? Or is she on hiatus since being wed? Just kinda wondering. If anyone KNOWS the whereabouts of my favorite FW skater let me know. I dont have any "ins" with FW and thus I know nothing about what has become of her. Hopefully she hasnt been abducted by cow dissecting aliens. Because that would be...like...not good. At any rate the loss of Kitty at the Jammer position would be a blow, albeit not as big a blow as I would have imagined since the Ft Wayne squad has done fairly well in '09.

After having a murderous stretch dating back to '07 that left FW at 1-9 they have apparently righted the ship. Lets review shall we? F-Dubb squeeked by the Burns 79-73. But B River has really gotten quite a bit better since they were last seen in Naptown. As a matter of fact they beat FW last year. Then FW killed No Coast 100-40. And they had another close one against Nash in which they won 64-59. Finally they more than met their match against the Steelies who have been on one hell of a roll this year. FW lost 143-69. Then FW beat NWA quite handily by a score of 119-66. Yes, its been a marked improvement for the skaters of F-Dubb this year.

Ft Wayne has played very angry this year and it seems to be working for them. Certainly it helps tremendously that they have gotten their spiritual leader back from an injury forced hiatus...Bang Bang LaDesh. The continuing improvement of Jammer R.I.P.tide has also helped. And you can never discount the skills of Pushycat with or without her infamous whip. Pushycat and R.I.P.tide provide a nice 1-2 punch for FW and they DO have an intimidating and hard-hitting group of Blockers. And those Blockers arent small girls either!

I was watching the ustream live boutcast of the FW v Nash bout and was really taken aback by some of the unprovoked and strange remarks by the FW announcers directed towards Naptown. What the hell was the point of that? Frankly I have decided to just chalk it up to the still heated rivalry between the two teams and thats fine with me. Other than perhaps Tricky Cincy F-Dubb are Race City's main rivals and thats GOOD! I love it! Every sport has its intense rivalries and why should Roller Derby be any different? All this has truly inspired our Homegirls and its going to be a very fiery bout indeed on May 30th. With a few exceptions the Nap skaters are healthy and READY. This I know: regardless of the outcome of the bout I have a feeling that there will be no love lost between the two squads.

I will also say this...there wil be no Plasmatics tee, no "other league" tees for me this time. Nope. I will be in red and black, sporting my Naptown RG tee (which I have only worn ONCE this season). I will also be wearing my lucky red n black skull and crossbones bandana. Mmmm hmmm. Because its TIME. Its time to show my total devotion and love for these Race City Rollergirls. Its time for a take no prisoners showdown. Ya feel me??

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