Sunday, April 5, 2009

Naptown v Green Country Bout Preview!

The Greenies drive all the way from Tulsa ,OK to bout Race City on April 11th. Currently Nap is ranked #37 while GCRG is at # 42 (FTS, of course). Thus far the Greenies have a record of 2-3 in official WFTDA action and have victories over the VicDolls and Alamo City to their credit. They have to be especially happy with that close win over their in-state rival Oklahoma C. They pulled out that win 96-85, and hopefully will bout the VicDolls again next season. The Greenies got pretty much killed by the Pikes and the Killbillies but had a very respectable showing against Big Easy with a score of 100-81. Upcoming bouts match the Greens against Memphis, Dallas, Alamo (again?) and one of my faves, Dixie. To be frank I wish that GCRG had scheduled a rematch against the VicDolls instead of a rematch against Alamo. Alamo are 1-8 with their one win against NOLA to their credit. I just think that another bout against OKC woulda been way more interesting and I dont see much to be gained from bouting Alamo again.

Anyway, this will be a very competitive bout. I realise that most Nap fans have never even HEARD of Green Country, a fairly new member of WFTDA. But I can tell ya that those Tulsa Rollergirls are gonna bring it! Well...if that hell-drive doesnt burn 'em out too much. By far the star player for the Greenies is Jammer Rosie the Wrecker. She has quite the reputation as a very,very skilled point scorer down in the southwest and will be a major force to be reckoned with. Another talented Jammer is Whiskey Birmingham, who should see quite a bit of action. The renowned Syko Path will most likely be spending the majority of her time at the Pivot position setting the pace for her girls. Mention must be made of Severe Lisa Distik...because her name is freakin' cool!

Tulsa is surprisingly similar to Indy with a similar downtown skyline, population and propensity for tornadic havok. Well, Tulsa would have more tornadoes! Ya know what?? I believe that I've just come up with a perfect name for some new Green Country skater...Tornadic Havok!! Is that a killer name or what?

My gut instinct is that Race City will get their first victory of the season, but it will be hard fought and that would be provided that Naptown looks like they did in the Archies bout. Can the Greenies contain the Amazin' Blazin' Ace?? They do have some hard-hittin' Blockers. Will the lovely Slammy get more Jams?? What about the shin-splint cursed Superhero Shadi?? Will Naps veteran corps of Blockers be able to keep Rosie the Wrecker from scoring a slew of points?? These are questions that immediately pop into my mind leading up to this bout. Tulsa is driving a looooong way to take on Naptown and if they aren't well rested then that drive will definately have an impact on this bout. But if the Greenies get their beauty rest then this should be a real interesting bout. look for the Greens to be dressed in Green and Black with a very cool, sleek logo. And they better bring some merch 'cause it may be a very long time until we get to catch this team in action again anywhere close to here.

I have no idea what the Greens roster will look like but here is my best guess at who may arrive in Indy next weekend:

Rosie the Wrecker
Elektra Violet
Scarlett Devil
Torch Her
Syko Path
Short Circuit
Whiskey Birmingham
Filthy Vicious
Jackie the Stripper
Death by Kitty
Hott Rodd Havoc
Bad A Jenda
Severe Lisa Distik

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