Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UK Roller Derby Blows Up!!

Roller Derby in England and Scotland has caught on in a BIG way and with teams now in Germany and Sweden the European Derby scene is incredibly exciting. As you can see by the list above England now has 11 active teams! Unreal. I have heard that there may be a European Tournament in the near future and that could only help build the exciting scene across the pond. Derby fanbases are starting to build steadily and it is my hope that one day soon we will see a WFTDA- Europe. The Derby scene in New Zealand and Australia has also taken off and so the internationalism of the greatest womens sport in the world is assured. And make no mistake-Roller Derby IS the greatest womens sport in the WORLD and the rest of the world has really caught on. Name one other womens sport that has grown as exponentially as Roller Derby...ya cant! There are some good womens sports out there, Tennis, Gymnastics. Figure Skating and even Motor Sports but not one of them has the excitement and intrigue that both Banked track and Flat track Derby has. Theres a REASON why Roller Derby has taken off like it has...its a contact sport for Women but its still somehow feminine and sexy. Its fast but not TOO fast. Its punk, its metal, its alternative. Its AWESOME!! And all of us, fans and skaters alike, owe a large debt to the Original Muthas...TXRG and the Banked track Rollergirls of TXRD. They were the accidental visionaries that gave birth to the incredible sport of Modern Roller Derby. In my opinion, with all due respect to the Old Style Derby. Modern Roller Derby is far superior. Its a real sport for real athletes. Its a game of skill, speed, tactics, power and skating talent with nary a "fix" in sight. And I say that as an avowed fan of the "Demon of the Derby" Ann Calvello. I adore the Modern game and its plain to see that a whole lot of other people do too. So today, raise a cold glass of the frothy stuff to the Derby Goddess and look upon what she has created: The greatest womens sport in the WORLD!

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  1. I had no idea the UK had so many derby teams these days. I had the pleasure of practicing with the Birmingham gals this past Saturday and I've spent a little time with the London Rollergirls too. I'm so wishing I could extend my trip so that I could see them play each other on the 6th, but I must get back to Denver and play with the Fight Club.

    We're going to do a daytrip tomorrow to Windsor but I think my bf might kill me if we spend much more time doing derby related things on this vacation!

    Loving your blog Dave! You have a very fun writing style. Keep it up:)
    -Winona Fighter
    Rocky Mountain Rollergirls