Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aaahhh yes...WFTDA Ruleset 4.0

In case you've been in a coma WFTDA has released Ruleset 4.0 and its excellent. Really. I am not being a sarcastic 'ole cuss. I really do LIKE the changes. Thankfully tweaks to the cutting the track rule and the Jammerless Jam rule have finally happened. I posted a few comments on the DNN site and thought that I would re-post them here cause I'm a lazy sod. Here ya go:

The new Ruleset is the best one yet and makes a few critical changes that will undoubtably improve game flow but I just gotta ask...who the hell is taking out their mouthguard DURING a Jam?? Dont think that I've ever seen a skater remove any protective gear DURING a Jam. Who is the glutton for punishment that is doing this?? Soooo...uhhhh...okay. ???

So just let me say that the next time I catch any Rollergirl throwing her mouthguard across the track and whipping off her helmet and hurling it at an errant Ref I assure you that I will give her a good talking to. A very surprised and stuttering good talking to. ;)

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Time to vent. I DESPISE the

Time to vent.

I DESPISE the two 30 minute halves that have become the WFTDA standard. I have always felt that it was waaaay better to have three 20 minute periods. The skaters get crucial rest, the crowd gets an extra bathroom/beer fetch break and it has always seemed so much better for bout-flow. And the hardcore folks crossing their legs in the suicides get to stand up and stretch their legs. Thats somewhat important to those of us who arent in their 20's but insist on parking in the suicides anyway...'cause we're HARDCORE old bastards 'kay?? And I dont think that this is a minor quibble. Bring back the three 20 minute periods in WFTDA Ruleset 4.1!!! Does anyone out there other than me feel this way??

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Heres one rule that REALLY

Heres one rule that REALLY has me pissed!! "Non-form fitting face shields such as hockey style full face shields, half face shields or face cages are strictly prohibited."

What??!! I, for one, long for the days when Rollergirls could kick total ass with their Patrick Roy mask on. What a freakin' BUMMER! And what about all those skaters that have adopted those ultra-stylish Jason masks??! What...they cant wear them anymore? Total BS unadulterated BS! What about Batgirl masks?? I guess thats a no go now too. Sheeeeesh. Leave it to WFTDA to take ALL the fun outta Derby.

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And here's another rule ya

And here's another rule ya may have missed while discussing and debating the more relaxed "cutting the track" tweak: The Head Referee may call a forfeit for the following reasons: [] A team has five or fewer un-injured rostered skaters remaining due to expulsions. [] A team refuses to field skaters on the track to continue play.

Uhhhh...I got news for ya- If you have "5 or less un-injured" skaters left than HELL freakin' YES forfiet the hell outta that mutha!! If yer down to 5 skaters, or Derby Goddess forbid, LESS than 5 then you need to getcher asses on out to the Afterparty, get yer buzz on and lick yer wounds. Frankly I dont believe that I have ever actually SEEN a team still trying to girl up and press on with 5 or fewer skaters but ya know...I didnt make it out to that awesome Northeastern Iowa Barnstormin Rollergirls vs Gotham Girls bout so ya know...


  1. Mouth guard getting taken out? Happens ALL THE TIME! I see it constantly! Girls will pop them out of their mouth to talk or yell plays, then pop them back in.
    There is a skater, that yes, took her helmet off, and chucked it at a member of the audience. Not one of ours, and not on our court, but a team we have played.

    Totally agree on the three periods. I miss them, and that was a big adjustment for us to make.
    Wouldn't a batgirl mask be okay since it's form fitting?

    That being said, I do like the new cutting the track tweaks. Or as we've been calling it, "FOR EFFS SAKES PHYSICS!" rule. ie, sometimes when you get knocked on a corner, and you drop to a knee, or two knees, you can't help but have your skate or some other part of you re-enter the track. It's physics, momentum, gravity, whatever you want to call it. The new rule might take a girl more time to stop, crawl back in bounds, but better than getting sent to the box!

    It'll be interesting to see how these play out with refs.

  2. Seriously, gotta agree about the rant on three periods. I miss those tremendously, as one of those non-20s guys who likes sitting suicide. I'm just not as bendy as I used to be. =)

    And, really, if a team insists on going out there and competing with less than 5 skaters, I think I'd probably have to be the one stuttering while I asked "what the f*ck?!" That would have to be either the craziest team alive or the gutsiest, hardest crew out there. Honestly, though, if you're that far down, it's probably better to just call it a night and hit up the afterparty. There's just no need to stick that one out any further....