Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goths v Bean City Prediction!

Can any team defeat the Mighty Goths this year? Hey, anythings possible...but the reality is that the skaters of NYC seem too powerful, too deep, too rock solid. too multi-faceted. They COULD slip up but not this weekend. I've been pretty high on the Beans, even after their narrow defeat at the hands of Lovely Charm City, but pulling out a victory against the Goths seems unlikely. Even after the loss of Cheapskate NYC's 1-2 punch of Bonnie and Suzy is as good as any in Derby. I've come to believe that only Windy is capable of beating the Queens of the 5 Boroughs, although it wouldnt shock me if Philly got one over on them. At this point I really would be surprised if the Mighty Gothic Queens of the Big Bad Apple didnt finish the year as repeat WFTDA Champs. But hey-stranger things have happened. Some Witch Doctor could lay down a wicked voodoo curse on NYC. Or Beyonslay could accidentally crash into both Bonnie and Suzy at practice and all 3 could get layed out. Or we could all wake up in the morning and suddenly find that time had reversed itself and its actually 2001. Or the Beans could sneak into the Goths locker room and put metal wheels on all their skates. Or...ummmm...late Saturday nite we could all find out that the Queens are STILL absolutely freaking killer and they've taken yet another in a long string of victories. Yep, the latter seems most likely.

Sorry Bean City...ya know I still have yer back. But beating those NYC Rollergirls is a waaaaay tall order. Goths by 30.

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