Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wendy O Sent Me a Gift

As I'm sure you all know by now I am a full-fledged initiate in the Cult of Wendy O (Williams of Plasmatics fame). Wendy O memorabilia is rare and freaking EXPENSIVE. As much of a Wendy O devotee as I am it is tuff to lay out large sums of cash for some of this stuff. I recently saw the bottom half of a guitar that Wendy had sawed in half with a chainsaw at a Plasmatics show and she had actually SIGNED it. It was posted on Ebay for $1390. I would loooove to have that! Wendy O was openly hostile to people that dared to ask for her autograph and would often just say, "fuck off". Ummmm...Wendy HATES signing. As a result, finding Wendy's autograph can be challenging. I personally dont give a damn about autographs whatsoever but for Wendy I make an exception.

At any rate I am always perusing the Ebay auctions for Wendy O memorabilia and was very surprised to find a copy of the rare book "Plasmatics-Your Heart in Your Mouth"(the First 4 Years)". It was (barely) published way back in 1982 and has been difficult to find. The copies I've seen in the past are either really beat or more $$$ than I want to spend. It IS a fantastic book for Plasmatics/Wendy O fans and is worth finding just for the incredible photos alone. Well, to answer the obvious question, YES I bid on it. Then another bidder jumped in and I let it ride until right up to the last hour of bidding. I then lobbed another bid and waited to be outbid and then waited to see the book run into the $60-$70 range. But then...nothing. NOTHING happened. I won the book for $28! Unreal.

And here's where it all gets a bit strange.My new job position has eaten up way more of my time than I would like and I'm working strange hours. I have been very distracted and as a result I forgot to celebrate Wendy O on the day that she left this world...April 6th. That would normally have NEVER happened, but like I said, I've been very distracted. And then I realized something really strange-I had won this book on the anniversary of Wendy's passing. Bizarre. I mean, there's 364 other days that I could have won the book but I won it on the anniversary of Wendy's death. Thanks for the little gift Wendy! You will always rule and I will never, ever forget you.


  1. Dude...congrats! I know it's gotta be a thrill to get something so rare from someone you admire....but to have it on that date was real kismet. Hope you enjoy it on arrival!