Saturday, February 7, 2009

My "Gut Instinct" Rankings- Top 15

Ya know...I cant really get with the politically-influenced WFTDA rankings and I have seen the inherent weakness in the math-geek FTS rankings. I still REALLY pay attention to the math-geek rankings tho (love those dudes at FTS!). And so I have to say that the DNN Power Rankings is very cool. And 1-4 I would totally agree with DNN's set list, but after that??? Mmmmmm...thats where I would have to offer up my own rankings. Based not a bit on politics and only somewhat on algorithms I have developed my own setlist. My criteria is strictly gut instinct. So here ya go:

1- the Mighty Gothic Queens of the Universe
Who else?? Are u kidding? Right now the Queens are in their own world. Its them and then the fight for 2nd place. Unless Suzy Hotrod, Bonnie Thunders and Cheap Skate quit the team today its the Mighty Goths and everyone else.

2- the Crushers
Chi-town deserve 2nd place, no question about it. They have proven themselves in battle and they will likely remain 2nd to the Goths. I wouldnt be shocked to see them nailed by Liberty or the Original Muthas, but yeah...a solid 2nd.

3- Liberty City
Philly really blew me away last year. I have come to believe in Liberty in a BIG way. And DNN?? I gotta admire ya for placing them one notch ahead of the O.M.'s and I totally agree with the ranking. On the right night the Cheese-steaks are capable of beating anyone. But dont u dare bet against NYC.

4- the Original Muthas
TX is very capable of defeating Liberty or Windy but for right now they ARE 4th. Just dont piss them off tho. They have a way of making you painfully aware of the fact that they started this whole thing and are more than capable of teaching everyone a lesson real quick-like.

5- the Carols
It seems that I rubbed some o' those Carols the wrong way. And I heard about the disses directed my way a few weeks ago but I dont let that get in the way of my gut instinct ya know. If the Carols played the Rats or the BADasses tonite my cash would be on the Carols...flat out. And some of you Carols may not like me but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will ever get in the way of my Princess America worship. Ya got that? P.A.- I am madly in love with you. Absolutely on my top 10 list of Modern Derby Jammers.

6- the BADasses
Here's where I just wish I would have watched a lot more footage of a team. I will make the commitment right now to watch as much of the BADasses as time allows the next month or so. I KNOW they are real good. I KNOW they are very skilled. But I really need to delve into the details on this team. Still...gut instinct mandates that they go 6th.

7- Bean City
Yeah, this is a serious jump but I just FEEL like these Rollergirls are 7th. Hey, there's no explaining the vague preferences of the instinct ya know? There's just something about this squad that I totally buy into. Plus ya really gotta believe in ANY team that has a skater named Pussy Venom dontcha?? Thats worth a couple of notches right there! PLEASE tell me that there's a Pussy Venom tee shirt...gotta have one. NOW.

8- the Rosies
the Roses absolutely blew me away more than a few times last year and for good reason...they are freaking kick ass. Before this year is out I fully expect them to make a major run in the Nationals unless something really weird happens. UFO abduction, Firecrotch gets arrested, ya know...THAT kinda shit. The Rosies are killer. Believe that West Coasters!

9- Deeeetroit
At this point I fully expect some heat. I mean, the Rats are probably writing me hate mail about now. But hey, there's no explaining my instinct. Car City just feels right at #9 to me. AND they have one of the greatest Jammers in the land- Racer McChaseher. Any team w/Racer is gonna be badass 'kay? In all seriousness, if I had to get with my Derby bookie today and place a bet on a D-town v Rats game, or a Car City v KC bout, or a Deeetroit v Dukes game , $$$ are totally on Racer and her girls. Sorry.

10- the Rats
Coffee City probably wants to kill me by now but I call 'em like I see 'em. It just seems to me that something has slipped w/this team in the last year. They've lost a few skaters and I dont think that the team chemistry was the same as in years past. They could come back this year and prove me wrong. Or they could continue to slowly slip down the ladder. We shall see.

11- the Dukies
I was very seriously tempted to put them at #12. Really. Good thing I dont live in Albucrackee anymore because Kamikazee Kim would probably go off on me big time. Yes, they had an incredible run in the Tournament last year and shocked everyone. Yes, they have an impressive squad with a whole lotta heart. But I just need to see more of this team before I'm ready to rank them higher than 11th. What I'm saying I guess is that their run last year may have been a little fluke-ish. Or maybe not. If they make a run again this year than yeah...sign me up. I'll be a total believer.

12- Lovely Charm City
I adore you know that. LCC will continue to rise up this year. Maybe its just a hunch but I think that the Charmers are gonna shock a few teams and I was seriously tempted to put them higher than #12. SERIOUSLY tempted. All opponents of Lovely have been warned. I love this team.

13- the Rocks
What??? No freakin' KC YET?? Am I out of my Jaeger-chuggin' mind?! No. The Rocks are poised to be the team that they were born to be now. That, and I just have a strong instinct about these skaters. I would be a bit surprised if RM didnt finish higher than #13 at the end of the year. They have the skills to move on up if they keep developing.

14- the Warriors
Finally. Look, KC could bounce back and it wouldnt be like they snuck up on anyone. But there's no getting around the fact that the loss of Snot Rocket is a serious blow. Is there anyone who didnt think she was one of the most incredible Jammers ever?? And what about Xcelerator?? She retired too I guess. Thats gotta REALLY suck for the Warror fans.Look...beg, plead, cajole, blackmail, do whatever ya gotta do to get one of these Jammers back into the fold KC. I mean, maybe you've got some young, fast, outstanding all-world Jammers that I am not aware of but losing both of those all-stars is a killer. Will KC ever be #1 again? Honestly...I just dont think so.

15- the Pikes
In my mind there's a major drop off between #15 and #16 and the Pikes make the cut at #15. They won a few they shoulda lost and lost a few they shoulda maybe won but you can say this about the Pikes...they weren't boring. I will be curious to see if they can continue to build on what they accomplished last year or whether they begin to back-slide. Still...#15 feels about right and they hafta be admired for turning their team around the way they did last year, And I've gotta say too that the Pikes have a nice 1-2 punch in sisters Psycho Babble and Deranged. REAL nice.

Just going top 15 here. Maybe I'll get around to 16-30 at some point when I have a little more time on my hands.

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  1. Thanks for the education, Dave! See you on Saturday!