Sunday, February 1, 2009

For the newbies, freshies and not-up-2-speeders!

Ya know, given that not everyone out there is aware of all my nicknames for different derby leagues, I will provide the following cheatsheet:

Naptown- Race City
Brew City Bruisers- Beer City
Angel City- the Angels
Duke City- the Dukes, the Dukies
Providence- the Prov
Hammer City- Hammered C, the Hammers
Arizona- the AZ, Cactus City
Atlanta- the ATL
B.A.D.- the BADasses
Big Easy- Cajun City
Boston- Bean City
Carolina-the Carols (so THERE...)
Charm City- Lovely Charm City, the Charmers
Connecticut- the Conns
Detroit- Deeeetroit, Car City
Dominion- Dom
Ft Wayne- F-Dubb
Gotham City- the Goths, the Mighty Gothic Queens
Grand Raggidy- G-Rag
Houston- Rockit City
Mad Rollin' Dolls- Madolls
Minnesota- the Minnie
Philly- Liberty City
Pikes Peak- the Pikes
Rat City- the Rats
Rocky Mountain- the Rocks
Rose City- the Rosies, the Roses
Sin City- the Sinners
Texas- the Original Muthas
Windy City- the Crushers, Chi-town, the Windys
Arch Rivals- the Archies
Burning River- the Rivers
Cincinnati- Tricky Cincy
Oklahoma- the Vicdolls
Sacred City- Sac City
Sioux Falls- the Falls

So now yer caught up on my nicks 'kay? So don't get lost and bewildered and left behind 'cause ya got no excuse now!


  1. Hey Dave! I'm looking forward to reading more of your insights on my favorite sport! See you in the Suicides, heck I may land on you!

  2. What about us....Slaughter County Roller Vixens? And there is Central Coast now, and FoCo in the WFTDA West region.