Friday, February 20, 2009

Four Corner Feud Predictions!

Yes Derby addicts, this weekend is the 4 Corners Feud and I'm here with some predictions for ya to chew on. Six teams will compete for the FCF prize...braggin' rights and a bathtub full of cheap Margerita's! As for myself. I dont touch Margerita's anymore. Ya and 'lil ole Margerita had a bit of a disagreement waaaay back and well...Margerita KICKED MY SORRY ASS! And I'm not going back there again. But some of you may still like Margerita, maybe even LOVE her. But not me. You can have a bathtub full. And I dont need that brown paper bag full of Peyote buttons neither you desert dwellin' psychos. Hey I'm allowed to say that-I used to dwell in the Land of Enchiladas. Thats New Mex to you.

On to the bouts we go...all rankings are FTS just to throw people off.

#20 Denver v #28 Tuscon

Ya know, one of these days I'm really gonna have to come up with some kinda nicks for these 2 teams. I'll jump right in and tell ya that I'm laying big money on Denver in this one. Denver schedules some Major League games but come out on the losing end most every time. I do respect the fact that they arent afraid to go up against the likes of KC, the Rosies, the Carols and the Mighty Gothic Queens (who laid a serious beat down on them...221-37. OW.). Eventually all this painful experience is gonna pay off and the Major League brutes that they've gotten nailed by will make them strong. More than strong enuff to defeat the inconsistent Tuscon. Will Tuscon be able to overcome the many losses that they've suffered the last few years? They keep taking on the big hitters and except for a win against Dom they just keep on faltering. I keep thinking that at some point they're gonna sneak up and knock someone out...but it never happens (except for that one time when they caught the Rocks sleepin'). And it wont happen Saturday either. Denver shall triumph.

#17 the Pikes v #40 Cactus City

Do I need to even say that the Pikes are gonna emerge victorious in this bout? They have been impressive in the last year and despite slips against killer teams like KC, the Dukes and the Rocks they have a totally solid, physical team that is capable of pulling off a major upset, much less worrying about emerging victorious against the spiralling AZ. Cactus City went down to the Rosies, Sac City and the Rocks last year and there is nothing but a vague, fuzzy memory of the days when they used to defeat teams like the Rats and the Madolls. A VERY distant memory. Wonder what would happen if AZ and Tuscon joined forces and became a Phoenix Superteam?? Then the Pikes would hafta be scared...and only then. But until then Psycho Babble will be smiling at the afterparty and sharing a Margerita with Deranged.

#11 the Dukies v Denver or Tuscon

Hell yes I'm gonna pick this one because frankly it doesnt really matter whether the Dukies face off against Den or Tuscon does it?! Dukes all the way...flat out. And it wont be close either. With the Dukies skating soon in their new digs they hafta be full of energy and optimism, to say nothing of the amazing run that they had last year. I still wanna see what they do this season to totally buy in but really the Dukes have always been competitive. And its not like they have a pool of skaters like NYC or Chi-town does to pull from. From the Land of Entrapment they come...and this time they're not gonna be sneaking up on anyone. The 'Burque will be proud. Some of you Albucrackee fans will be obligated to buy Muffin, Kamikazee and the gang some Huevos Rancheros at the Frontier upon their return! deal?

#15 the Killer Rocks v the Pikes or AZ

Lets face it-the Rocks are gonna be going up against the Pikes in this one and for my cash it'll be, hands down, the best bout of the Tournament. The Pikes would just love to get some revenge and shoot down the Rocks and indeed they are capable of doing so. They're physical, they have some depth, and have a nice corps of Jammers. I really like da Pikes. But just not as much as I like the Rocks. I freakin' love Rocky Mtn. I am gonna come right out and say that I think that they're gonna win this 4 Corner Feud. I mean...I hate to bring this up...but this is the same team that beat down a fine Prov squad 137-9!! Really!! They also beat Bean City and that one shocked the hell outta me. On the flip side Tuscon snuck some sleeping pills in the Rocks Aquafina and RM ended up going down to them in a very close bout 96-92. Ummmm...what!?? But yeah-sign me up. The Killer Rocks are champs and they'll play like champs this weekend. How ya like me now Frida?

To be continued...

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  1. Well I went 2-2 and that pretty much sucks. I am not surprised that the Pikes did as well as they did but DENVER...thats the team that caught us all by surprise. Denver took the 4CF with a fury and showed that they have begun to benefit from all the butt-kicking that they took last year scheduling so many heavyweights. As for the Rocks, I do believe that missing 3 of their best blockers impacted them more significantly than I would have thought. RMRG do have depth but there were times when they seemed pressed defensively. Frida Beater was her usual amazing self tho and even had a 20 point jam! They played the Pikes very tuff but just couldnt get it done. I would have really loved to have seen Denver v Rocky in the Finals...

    The Dukies came out fairly rusty and dug themselves too deep a hole in the first half. They looked significantly better in the 2nd half but it just wasnt enuff against a Denver team that was firing on all cylinders and looked to have something to prove. They did win their consolation bout.

    Arizona still looks very lost and overwhelmed and I'm beginning to think that its gonna be another loooong season for them.

    All in all this was a very entertaining Tournament and it would be cool if next year the Salties and the Sinners could join the fray!