Saturday, July 25, 2009

An Update from Tequila Mockingbird

Hey Folks,
I am still kicking in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City derby girls have been a great help both with fundraisers and donating their time. A large part of my life has been fighting with Medicaid and doing paperwork, since it turns out that Chicago's Medicaid program is much better than here; so, in a year, we plan to return to Chicago and may be just spending the worst of the winters in Oklahoma. I'm also hoping to return to work next year as a lawyer at least part time. Dan and I have been able see several of the derby games here, which were fantastic. I spend a lot of time working out, sitting on the porch reading, and playing with our pets.
I have walking therapy once or twice a week on the Lokamat, a robotic walking machine that exists in only a handful of cities across the country. Fortunately, two of those are in Chicago and Oklahoma City. I have been involved with the Oklahoma University Medical Center, Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation, and various Medicaid home therapies. I am working on saving up for a recumbent cross training machine, and a stander, so I can do more therapy on my own; I would also eventually like to spend more time doing aqua-therapy. The rest of my workout is at home for now. Now that I am approaching the second anniversary of my injury, my strength and energy level have increased dramatically. My lungs in particular have regained some of their former strength. I can walk three hundred feet on a platform walker with very little assistance and over half an hour on the treadmill with a harness. With the help of Craig "Moose Ondaluce" Alleman, here in OKC, I am putting together a video of some of my progress. Thank all of you for your support. I will keep you updated as best I can.
Special thanks to The Oklahoma Victory Dolls, Rollercon, all contributors, and Dakota Prosch.

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Love you Tequila!!! <3 <3 <3

And a big time shout out to OKC Rollergirls...thank you for being awesome!


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