Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Really Pissed Me Off...

In hindsight perhaps not the greatest move, I stupidly "upgraded" to Mozilla Firefox 3.5...and quickly regretted it. After installing the "upgrade" I noticed my toolbar was jacked up. And then I realized that I had no right click function whatsoever. Nada...nothing. Grrrrrr....

I went to my desktop and of course everything was fine. Then I begrudgingly got on Internet Explorer, which I despise, and my right click function was just fine there too. Too bad I dont remember 16 passwords so that I can actually use IE. *sigh* I NEVER use IE for anything ever. It just moves too damn slowly...among other irritating personality traits. I need SPEED dammit!!! Now! Now! Now!!

And then after fixing the toolbar and re-installing 3.5 2x (it locked up the first time) I did manage to get my right click back. Then I was REALLY pissed when I found that Realplayer SP and Firefox 3.5 are mortal enemies and just plain HATE each other. So damn video downloading on Youtube whatsoever. Now THAT pissed me off. I searched everywhere for a solution until I found that if you re-install Realplayer SP that they will cooperate w/each other. This is a very very recent development however. Those that were first to "upgrade" to 3.5 were just left scrambling. Idiots. Howzabout taking a little more time Mozilla and get your upgrade actually working before unleashing it. An annoying couple of hours were spent screwing w/this nonsense last night and this morning. At one point I gave up on 3.5 entirely and decided to re-install 3.1

Yeah...easier said than done. At 2AM, in a semi-conscious state while still sipping Hypnotiq, I blundered into Mozilla's archives and was able to figure out how to install it from there. And all the way at the tail end of the installation...ya know, when you click "finish"?...everything just locked up. G*d d*mn s*nuva b*tchin #@*!!!

Sorry...I needed to vent. What does this actually have to do with the Greatest Womens Sport in the world?? Uhhhh...well...*shrugs* Anger? Attitude? A "Dont mess with me or I'll put a quad right into yer kneecaps" kinda spunk??

Mozilla Firefox 3.5****Dont waste my time

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