Saturday, October 3, 2009

Western Regionals- Day 2

Well I went 3-1 the first day so I'm not out any cashish. Hell, I came out ahead. AND those Rocks went 2-0 yesterday too. So yeah...nice day. I wish I would have been able to catch all of the bouts that happened Friday, but work and other commitments created a situation where I was only able to take a peek, during lunch break, when the Killer Rocks were just hammering away at the Tramps. Then I was able to catch some bout action after 8:30pm est. Not enuff Derby Tournament action for my tastes really. Oh well, on to Day 2's matchups. And Frida? That "dedication" really made my day! Thanks...

1- #35 the Tramps v #13 the Dukes

Yeah, a real Southwestern Showdown going on in this bout. Break out the green chilies and Margaritas! And from what I saw yesterday there's no way I'm picking against the Dukies. The ABQ have already beaten the Tramps once this year and for whatever reason Tuscon just seem lost. Not as lost as AZ mind you, but somewhat flat at any rate. Not to state the obvious but the Dukes just arent the same team that they were a year ago. They are still SOLID, just not really elite. They are however MORE than enuff to dismantle the Tramps. Now ya see ABQ...I picked you in this bout. And I would have to say that this ones the lock of the day. A LOCK. And I'm not just saying that cuz I still have a little of that enchanted NM blood in me. Its your day Dukies...its your day. Have a drink on me.

2- #26 the Pikes v #6 the BADasses

As much as I would love to see this be a close, competitive, exciting bout...I just dont think its gonna happen. I predict that the BAD skaters will run away in this one early and never look back. They may be somewhat gassed after last nights epic struggle against the Coffee City Rats but I would imagine that they still have enuff left to beat the Pikes today. The Badasses are now 1-5 in '09 but its an IMPRESSIVE 1-5. Thats right, there is such a thing as an "impressive" 1-5 record. I mean, when ya take on the elite, the Heavyweights, yer probably gonna get cracked in the head a few times. But that punishment eventually makes you stronger and tuffer. And the BAD Rollergirls have lost to MAJOR teams ( the Original Muthas, the Rosies, the Beans and the Rats x2). It'll all pay off next year BAD. You Rollergirls are gonna be MAJOR in '10. Ya heard it here.

3- #29 Angel Pretty v #13 the Rosies

What a day it must have been for the Angels. They got the mild upset in their first game and then ran headfirst into a Mile High Tank in their second game of the day.They were never a factor against Denver, but who was really betting against DEN in this game? Not the smart money. But as if the Angel Pretty skaters didnt already have a nice core of diehard fans, they definitely emerged with more fans when Friday was over. The Angels are so charismatic and cool. Who could ever root against them?? Not me. But having said all that I dont think that they'll stand much of a chance against the Roses really. The Rosies hung extremely tuff earlier this year against Oly and lost by a mere 6 points so I dont think that they're gonna have too much trouble with the LA squad. The Rosies have had quite a year thus far with impressive wins over such teams as the Rats, the Carols and the BADasses. NICE. Reeeaaal nice. Lay it out for the Portland Rollergirls...they wont disappoint.

4- #5 the Rats v #15 Holy Oly

And this is where I take a real chance. This is where I may get torched. I dont give a damn, I'm picking Holy Oly in this one. FTS has them ranked at #15. Really?! #15?! Hell no...not a chance. I could care less what the usually reliable algorithmic formulas say, Oly is a top 10 team at LEAST. IF the Coffee City skaters do beat Oly then it would be their most impressive victory of the year in my eyes. No doubt. If my hunch is right and Holy Oly is the winner tho, I cant really say that its THEIR most impressive win of the year. They DID beat the Mile Highs. Thats fairly impressive considering the year that Denver is having. Will the Rats rise up and make us all believers in them again? Lets see...Oly beat the Milers who beat the Rats so that works right?? Uhhhh...sorta kinda. Go with Oly. Since when have they lost in '09? Uhhh...they haven't.

5- #24 the Rocks v #5 the Mile Highs

I hate this I really do. I would imagine that a few people scanned right to this pick straight away. Is he really gonna pick the Rocks in this bout? Really? Is he that stupid?? Is he that much of a blind-in-the-eyes Fanboy that he would lay $$$ out on the RMRG squad against Denver? And this is why I never pick Naptown bouts. Because it just doesnt matter what my brain tells me, spitting out stats and percentages, cuz in my HEART I always believe that somehow, someway NRG is gonna find a way to win games that they should lose. I cant go picking games with that kinda emotionally overcharged mindset! Hell no. I could lose money. And I'm not in the habit of losing money. And then there's just the fact that Naptown are my Homegirls...even if I THINK that they're gonna lose a particular bout theres no way that I'm actually gonna write that. Or say it. Dont wanna jinx the Homesquad. Thats why I hate picking Beer City or Archies bouts. I DO pick 'em but it causes me some pain to ever pick against those 2 teams when I have to. Same deal for the Killer Rocks. I'm not laying a single dollar on this game. Nope. I believe in the Rockstars...I do. I mean, its not like they're gonna struggle with that thin air right? Is this the game that shows all the Rollerheads nationwide what the Rocks are really capable of? It could be. I know, I know. The smart money is on Denver. I get that, I really do. Just look at their record!! Who's gonna really bet against them in this bout? A silly assed Fanboy...thats who. Go get 'em Rockstars!

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