Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sioux Falls v Naptown Preview!

Before I even start can I go on a 'lil rant right quick?? NO BLACK TEE'S!!?? Come on SFRD!! I need a BLACK SFRD tee! that offa my chest so lets just move on shall we?? Those aforementioned Fightin' Sioux are coming to Naptown to bout tomorrow nite!! Damn...Im such a slacker...puttin' up my bout preview the DAY BEFORE the bout. Ridiculous. Oh well. The Sioux have a WFTDA record of 3-5 and when I saw them at the last Fall Brawl I was mightily impressed with them. They looked like a disciplined, fit, quick team with very good chemistry. I got to chat with Lilly Kill Kill at the Tournament and I remember being struck by how tight-knit this team is. I mean, remember, they DO hail from the "Best Lil DERBY City in America"!! The Sioux won against apparent arch-nemesis Omaha x2 but have also LOST to Omaha x2. And then there was that strange, nearly surreal bout against Naptown. Was that bout in a pole barn with pigeons flying around while a dog barking contest ensued next door??! Really??! Uh huh. And so NRG went down to SFRD. Ouch. At any rate SF have been VERY respectable in all their bouts with the one exception being a -139 point showing against the Minnies. That one was for growth n experience so all is well. Can I admit something?? I really respect this team. They have some good sponsers and are building a following in a metro area pool of only 232,000 people. And it should also be mentioned here that Sioux Falls was voted the 93rd angriest city out of 100 by Mens Health magazine...and what anger this city actually DOES possess resides within this talented Derby team!! And hey...SF is Colts TE Dallas Clarks hometown so thats pretty damn cool. 8)

Its pretty awesome that the Sioux have 29 skaters on their roster at this point. Who's gonna show up on the bout roster?? I havent a clue. I do hope that the modelesque Lilly shows tho...she's cool. Hopefully the league Co-Founders, Queen Elizabitch and PainMaker, show too cuz I would like too meet and chat. Now at this point ya all gotta be thinkin' "Whats with this freakin' SFRD lovefest??". I know...I know. But ya know what?? I truly believe that bout against the Sioux was an abberation. Look, our Rollergirls may have been a bit rattled by the venue...the loooong trip or whatever. But with the play I've seen thus far this season I would bet the mortgage on Naptown in this one. And remember...I dont predict Naptown bouts. Oops. I just did.
Oh and btw...that gorgeous Rollergirl pictured above is Lilly Kill Kill. She's awesome as a pivot, blocker OR jammer. Damn I hope she shows for this one.


  1. Sorry to correct you, sir, but it's the South Dakota COYOTES!

    The Original CTRGGRDonald
    hopefully Naptown will be as successful as the Road Runner. ;)