Monday, March 22, 2010

My Roller Derby Tee Shirt Collection...yet another obsession.

Yeah...Derby more than a few and can never have enough. And whats cool is that sometimes when I get a tee in the mail I also get some other cool stuff too. Ya know...stickers, buttons, bottle openers, key fobs, postcards, schedules, flyers. I freakin' LOVE it!! Bring it on!! And now it seems that Dallas Derby Devils...henceforth known only as the Devils..are sendin' me a DDD tee with "Biker Dave" on the back. WOW *blush* Im feelin' the love here lately. Nice. Thanks to Brenda from DDD for that one!

And I also wanna shout out to the great London Rollergirls!! Love that squad. Lisa arranged for a tee to be sent from across the pond for my BDay but it didnt get here until last week. And what a great surprise to find so many fun Derby-things. Button, stickers (gave a few away to a couple of REAL excited Rollergirls...hahaha), a combination fob/bottle opener (!!), a postcard schedule and an awesome Roll Britannia patch. When I build up enuff patches I think I might get a denim vest and have em all sewn on. Thanx LONDON... You skaters are awesome!!

And a 'lil shout out to Bakersfield Rollergirls too! I got a tee from them and when they shipped it I got stickers and buttons too. Ya know I just cant get enuff Derby-things. Which got me to thinkin'.

I think that after I've built up enuff of those said Derby-things wouldnt it be cool to have a Modern Roller Derby Museum?? Seriously! Skaters could donate uni's, skates or whatever and everything could go into the Museum for all the Derby fans to see. And the Museum would start, historically speaking, with the Austin-born brand of "modern" Roller Derby (with respect and due given to Ann Calvello of course). Because really, Derby is a true sport in its modern incarnation and eventually deserves a Museum of its own. Something apart from the Old School Derby. I could see it happening. There could be a records/posters/photos/flyers room...jerseys and skates of notable Rollergirls..all the WFTDA Champs pics line one wall...hmmmm. Yeah...I like the sounda that. And there could be a seperate section for Banked-Track stuff too. It would be epic!!

For those who would like to see my Roller Derby tee collection just click on that facebook dealie to your right and check out the album!


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